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Lookmark App Let’s You Save Apps for Later Download

Lookmark App

Mobile apps have transformed our daily lives. From gaming apps to apps to book flight tickets, banking apps to fitness trackers, instant messaging apps to photo editing apps – there is a whole new world of apps that is simplifying our lives. However, searching for apps and installing them is a time consuming process, and it is not feasible for people to download an app the minute they see it.

Introducing Lookmark App

Imagine if you read or hear about an app and want to download it at a later time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just save apps that interest you into a wish-list of sorts that you can download at a time that’s most convenient for you? Lookmark solves the problem for you, by letting you save an app to be downloaded later. Lookmark App, currently available for download on iOS devices, lets users add apps into a wish list for later download.


  • Lookmark App provides smart notifications that enable users to easily install apps that are spotted on the computer or in an app store in the future.
  • Users can save apps that they come across while surfing the Internet for later download with the Lookmark Share Extension.
  • It saves apps in a neat fashion, making it easy for users to search for desired app to be downloaded.
  • Users can access the saved apps from their mobile device and download the apps at a convenient time.
  • Lookmark app is most useful when users are surfing through an app store and want to save multiple apps for later.

How it Works

  • Once the Lookmark extension has been downloaded, users can easy access and send apps from their desktop to their phones.
  • By accessing webpages that have links to apps in the app store, users can find the Lookmark icon in the address bar.
  • Clicking on the icon enables users to save the apps to their wish list.
  • For iOS devices, the Lookmark icon is available on the share sign where they can add the app for later download.
  • As soon as users get connected to a Wi-Fi zone, they get a notification on their phone reminding them to download the app.

The Need for Lookmark App

There are many instances where people hear or read about an interesting app, but are pressed for time or are not in a Wi-Fi zone that supports download. In such cases, people seek to download the app at a later time. There are also occurrences where people see an imporant app and consider downloading it later but completely forget about it. Lookmark App overcomes this challenge, by allowing users to save an app for later. It also has the ability to remind people, as soon as they enter a wireless zone.


Lookmark App is free and is available for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads. It is also available as an extension for Chrome OS on the desktop, allowing users to seamlessly Lookmark and send apps from their desktop to their iOS device.

Ending Note

With millions of apps available for download on various app stores, a feature that lets users initiate an app download for future is great. By allowing users to send an app from the desktop through a Chrome OS to the Lookmark app on an iOS device or even save an app they find on an app store for later download, Lookmark works as a convenient and user-friendly bookmark.