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Now Silent Video Chat with your Friends with Livetext Messenger by Yahoo

Livetext Video Messenger

Technological advances have opened up new modes of communication. With people living busy lives, technology is helping them keep in touch with their family and friends across the globe. New and innovative ways of communication are being launched day in and day out, making interactions quick and convenient. Instant messaging apps have been enjoying immense popularity because of their convenience and user-friendliness.

Breaking the Clutter

With so many communication apps now available for download across devices and operating systems, launching a new app in order to break the clutter can be challenging. In order to create a mark for itself in the competitive messaging app market, Yahoo has launched a communication app called Livetext that combines traditional texting experience with rich media content, thereby providing users with an experience they have not witnessed so far.

Live video texting has become a rage. People have been communicating through texts, videos and different media of communication. The new app Livetext though allows users to send silent videos of themselves and lets them type their message that reflects on top of the video. It blends the simplicity of text messaging with the expressiveness of video, minus the audio, making people feel their near and dear ones are right there with them.

The Motive behind Livetext

Instant messaging is a simple and easy way to keep in touch with people; however it often lacks the actual meaning or expression which can only be showcased through a video feed. Also, many-a-times people have to wait for hours before they get a response to a text message.

The best part about Livetext is that it was launched in order to cater to these missing elements of simple text based messaging services. Through Livetext, people can make more authentic conversations through video and also quickly text the person, thus facilitating a fun and simple way to connect. Video messages enable rich and memorable experiences, allowing users to live video text their friends and family from anywhere, at any time.

Live Video Texting

  • Through Livetext, users can send a live stream of themselves and attach a text message in real time.
  • As each Livetext message requires both parties to open the medium of communication, there is less chance of spam and misuse.
  • By enabling users to send muted video and text, Yahoo hopes to create an emotional connect and foster a sense of intimacy.
  • Once the app is closed, the video and associated text messages automatically get deleted, helping users keep their phones clean and mess-free

Available Across Platforms

Livetext has successfully been launched globally on Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded by users from the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free. Currently Yahoo is planning to find an appropriate audience and create a strong user base for its new messaging app that is unique in nature.

Relaunching Itself

While Yahoo Messenger was one of the most popular web based chat application for years, the smartphone invasion brought with it instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that have been ruling the messaging apps market. Even Viber facilitated video calls through the web with utmost simplicity. With Livetext, Yahoo is looking to relaunch itself in the market and provide a delightful and personal communication experience across devices and regions. This is one app that many analysts agree that will cause a major change in the communication channels and how people remain with touch with each other.