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Now Lookup Your Colleagues through LinkedIn Lookup App

LinkedIn Lookup

Widespread adoption of technology in the business world is a common phenomenon. Organizations can achieve a gamut of benefits by making the most of advances in technology. Highly efficient enterprise systems, cloud computing, Big Data Analytics and mobility have become the foundation of successful businesses. Augmenting employee productivity through the use of technology is an integral part of growing companies.

Connect with Co-Workers with Similar Skills

LinkedIn, one of the most popular business networking websites, has launched an iOS app which allows users to lookup co-workers and colleagues with similar skills and experience. With businesses experiencing immense growth, workplaces are geographically dispersed. LinkedIn Lookup helps users find and connect with people across locations. It aims to help users do their jobs better by making the most of their co-workers’ skills.


  • Through LinkedIn Lookup, employees can search for other co-workers by name, title, experience, education or skills.
  • After finding the right contact, people can read through other relevant information such as work info, email addresses etc.
  • Users can then send an email directly to the associated work email or choose to send a message through the LinkedIn Lookup app.
  • By setting contact preferences in the app, users can allow other co-workers to see their phone numbers.
  • LinkedIn Lookup can be used by co-workers even without having to download it on their mobile phones. The messages are sent and received through LinkedIn Lookup will reflect in the LinkedIn inbox.

Exciting Benefits

LinkedIn Lookup is the fastest way to search, find and contact anyone within the organization:

  • It lets users connect with people even though they are not on their LinkedIn list.
  • Users can search for people based on specific skills or experience.
  • Allows users to reach out to people instantly through the app.
  • Helps connect with co-workers and improve information sharing.
  • By letting users search for people based on their title, LinkedIn Lookup provides a list of employees and the user can then choose to connect with the relevant employee.

A Standalone App

A research conducted by LinkedIn suggested that employees show higher productivity in doing a task if they knew how to find out specific skills possessed by other co-workers in the organization. While most organizations do have local intranets which showcase such skill-related information, they are often outdated, compelling people to look elsewhere.

Through its research, LinkedIn also found that users were using the company’s search just to unravel more information about their co-workers. Through Lookup, LinkedIn aims to help such employees in finding all work-related information about other employees.

Easy to Use

People can download LinkedIn Lookup app from their Apple Store. Once the app is downloaded, users need to enter their work email address. Once the address is verified, users can log into the app and see a directory of all the employees working in their company, as listed on the LinkedIn profile. For employees who have left the company and have not updated their profile, LinkedIn allows other users to flag such profiles, which will then be removed from the directory by LinkedIn.

Final Verdict

In today’s fast moving world, any activity that makes people do their jobs better is welcome. LinkedIn Lookup aims to simplify the process of finding co-workers with specific skill-set or title, enabling people to connect with them instantly. By making all the information on the LinkedIn profile available on Lookup, users can now get access to experience or skill related information of people that matter to their jobs. Through Lookup, LinkedIn is addressing a problem that is prevalent across organizations today and hopes to improve internal communication and productivity.