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LinkedIn App Helps Students Forge Career Paths with a Card-Based Interface

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn is already the go-to social network for most working professionals who are in the midst of their careers. In a bid to woo the younger audience who are yet to choose a career, the social giant has initiated a new app for students.

Coming to Android and iOS, LinkedIn Students offers college folks a look at career paths their degrees will afford them once they graduate.

The LinkedIn app will suggest roles based on your education, surface job listings for your selected major and deliver career advice content through a card-based interface.

Advice for Students about Careers

LinkedIn has developed the app to inform students about job opportunities along with alternative roles that one can consider including something that is not about your domain directly but connected to skillset. One can browse profiles and connect with people to ask questions about how they jet-started their career and seek advice from them.

LinkedIn’s latest foray into app development has been an effort to reinvent themselves and stay relevant with the burgeoning youth to get them on board with their careers before they land their first job. With a soft introduction to students who may not be aware of business and job networking, the site makers are offering a new value proposition.

Guidance through the App for Newbies

The talk to benefit and contribute the “economic graph,” is what LinkedIn does credibly well along with an online resume and hence most professionals take advantage of the site in more ways than one. The new app helps the youth who are yet to start working, especially college students who are going to graduate but unclear about their careers.

LinkedIn app for Students delivers a starting point to the students for exploring the varied jobs available for their professional career. It highlights companies and job titles depending on the school that one attended along with the educational qualifications. Students can build their network, as LinkedIn Students lists the relevant people in different companies.

Newest LinkedIn App – The Job Search Done Right!

As a professional social network, the site can help in personalizing a job seeker’s experience. Joining LinkedIn can be daunting for a newbie as the professionals are all well-qualified and experienced enough to give anyone jitters.

  • With the app the company has simplified the earlier stage of professional lives which constitutes a huge part of demographics on the site.
  • Nearly 40 million students are expected to be benefitted through the app.
  • The students will have to complete authentication process with their existing account with details of the university they attend, the subject they are majoring in, and their anticipated graduation date.
  • With the information, LinkedIn Students provides varied job-related recommendations on a personalized scale.
  • Systematic information is displayed in a card-like format helping you scour through multiple options just like the dating app, Tinder.
  • The first cards would display roles of your primary interest. One can even find alternate jobs based on your degree.
  • Tapping on the card will bring other details to the fore including salary range, description of the role, the varied jobs and the alumni of your own university who have opted with similar choices.
  • The program lists out companies who are interested in incumbents for the role along with relevant skills.
  • The information is drawn by LinkedIn from its 414 million members.

Getting “Extra Credit”

This new LinkedIn app won’t provide comprehensive lists of all types of companies, roles, and even job titles, like Indeed, Monster, but one can surely refresh the app for new cards and results.

After going through the recommended cards, LinkedIn Students includes “extra credit.” This section helps students to build their profiles, by entering relevant projects and certifications. There are sections reserved for universities to submit events including career fairs and recruiting sessions with a space for sponsored content too. LinkedIn has presently revealed no plans to monetize the apps other than the sponsored content section.