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Letterboxd App – The Movie Social Network Now On iPhone

Letterboxd iPhone App

Letterboxd – a personal favorite of mine for discussing and reviewing movies, is now back on the tech wagon to expand on its offerings. By launching a comprehensive iPhone app, the movie review aggregator is opting to leverage the mobile platform for its expansion.

Letterboxd is like a comprehensive movie social network. One has to create a profile, follow people and their cine interests and check out their updates and reviews. In particular, one can create lists of watched movies, rate and review them, all in one unified feed. Posting movie ratings and reviews is a favorite activity of cine lovers and also a fantastic way to create a timeline of recently watched movies.

How Letterboxd App Work?

  • Explore what’s popular among friends and community.
  • Build and share film lists and search for specific movie reviews, lists, filmographies and members.
  • Add films in your film-watching diary on a consistent basis.
  • Rate, review and tag movie reviews to discuss with friends and followers.
  • Follow favorite writers to see their movie lists, like and add those movies in your Activity feed.
  • Get in your Letterboxd account anytime to update your cinema experience on the go.

Using Letterboxd

Having used Letterboxd in recent times, I can say that the movie pages are neat and well designed. For instance, you can check out the reviews of Revenant, its overall rating and even look through the comprehensive reviews provided by users and critics alike. One of the best qualities of the site and app is that it includes information-packed page on rare films and most critics are strong cinephiles too . You get a repartition of ratings which will help you to gauge if a movie is a polarizing movie, a very popular one or just plain bad or overrated. One can check out recent reviews, the short synopsis about the movie, cast information and crew names, a supporting link to IMDb and much more.

Well-organized and Comprehensive Movie Lists

The user reviews on the site are known to be far more interesting than most user reviews on other sites. One can even create different lists on different themes and genres like one can do on, but this list-building is far more efficient and organized. For example one can create or browse through a list for “100 great movies of 2015,” or check out “movies on childhood” or “underrated movies that include zombies’ and so on. Or one can create lists about surrealist movies and connect with a community which consists of cine lovers who are interested in the same subject.

Discovering Movies Takes a Firm Step with Letterboxd App

Discovering new movies and lists is quite easy on the site. I know I have been inspired by other lists to watch some obscure flicks that not many knew about in my circle. Even if you don’t follow anyone on the site, keeping track of the watched movie collection is useful and one can actually look up movies all the time from other users. Now since the website is responsive and works great on iPhone, one can log their movies, review or rate them, add comments to other reviews and do a lot of stuff including sharing on other social sites. All the website features are included in the Letterboxd app for iPhone users as it contains the same color palette, icons and different metaphors for movies as on the site. Sign up for the service, login to the app and update your movie interests on the go.