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Layout from Instagram : Instagram’s Photo Collage App

Instagram layout

Millennials are doing things differently then the previous generations from education to jobs and even leisure activities have seen a drastic change. They believe in huge groups and performing activities in a group, that is where the concept of group images, group videos have popped up and Social Media giants have understood this and is providing the new generation everything that they demand. Instagram, a cool photo sharing app announced a new application called Layout. Let us dig in more about Layout and what is Instagram trying to prove here.

Instagram’s Layout App:

Instagram’s latest app Layout is the company’s standalone creative tool and not to be mistaken with their photo-sharing app. With the help of Layout, Instagram users can easily create beautiful collages by just using the pictures taken from their mobile. Later, the user can share these collages on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

As it is, Collage making is so popular on Instagram. Instagram insider states that one in five users on use a collage app at least once. These apps include Pic, Stitch, Pic Collage, InstaCollage, PhotoGrid and more.

Using Layout App:

When you open the Layout app, you get options to choose the custom layouts and can even choose pictures from your camera. If it becomes to locate your pictures on the camera, Layout app has added a feature to find the pictures that you want by adding Faces options. It opens all the pictures with people. You have complete authority to edit the images as you wish and be the artist that you always wanted to be. It is easy to use too. Just drag and drop pictures to rearrange them, you can pinch to zoom in/out. Flip and rotate the pictures to create cool effects on your pictures.

Instagram has added the Photo Booth effect which is used in abundance at events and parties by youngsters. All you need to do is to tap it to start a countdown and capture pictures that you will be able to see instantly in a layout.

Final Verdict

What was the inspiration behind the Layout app? The mirrored landscapes and sharing of multiple moments from a traveller’s adventure, we all have seen such kinds of visual storytelling on the rise on Instagram. What Layout does best is, it is easier to be more creative and unleash the creative madness into pictures.

Previously, other photo sharing apps were all similar where they provided blank grids to the user and he/she can customise it according to their liking by adding their own pictures, text and stickers but Layout is a modern way to address collages and it is quite fun to use this app. You too, must give this app a try and let us know how you feel. Download the Layout App and review it here in the comments.