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Knock Knock App – Presenting the New Style of Contact Management

Knock Knock App

We all want simple information exchanges especially when meeting new people in business or elsewhere. Business cards are highly useful in this context and remains the best way that most people remember each other. With the Knock Knock app that launches today, one can emulate the action of knocking on the door and letting the user know about the information that you possess.

That’s because Knock Knock app helps users to share information with someone new rather than a complete contact card including all details of personal information. The app works by old association wherein one person has to open the app on their phone, and someone with the app nearby can knock twice to join a group chat, or wirelessly send bits and pieces of contact information based on their trust.

Behind the Contact Vision!

Humin is the company behind the initiation of Knock Knock, have created an eponymous app before which managed existing contacts of the smartphone intuitively rather than stating them in an alphabetical list. For Knock Knock, Humin provided solution to the problem of exchanging contacts. The interaction is simpler now since you don’t have to open the app to create a connection, rather only a single user needs to open the app. Contact sharing options include phone number, email, address and even Facebook, LinkedIn, and social media profiles as well.

The makers were of the opinion that since encounters can be awkward for many people and even intimidating for some, they wanted to pave a way to keep track and remember people. We created Knock Knock App as a solution to utilize technology that takes into account real-life social tendencies.

The Story Inside the Knock Knock App

  • Knock Knock works with the help of a combination of Bluetooth and Beacon transmission technology that will strike many people who have used data transfer apps like Bump in the past.
  • Both apps use motion-based principle of data sharing but Knock Knock App doesn’t require the meeting of two devices physically in order to work.
  • One can share information with multiple people at a time. For a school scenario, students can use the app to form project groups or contact each other for a happy hour conversation that wards off awkwardness of the first meeting.
  • The first reviews of the app has been quite positive but one can say that the app has social aspect as its best feature. You might not want to give out certain information to some people. With Knock Knock App you can actually share information through channels which does not invade your privacy too.

Gesture-based knocking genius and celebrity investors

The knocking gesture can be made with the screen being off and the app being in inactive state. The knocking gesture will signal an instant Bluetooth connection for pairing up with multiple app users in the locality and then you can actually choose the bits of contact information that you would like to share with each person.

The ‘knock knock’ approach which initiates pairing between two unknown people is clever and smart and the app is available on both iOS and Android.

The brains behind the app, CEO Ankur Jain has no plans of direct monetization as of yet. The app is a way to encourage users to view the company as a maker of the eponymous premium contact management app.

The app has got serious clout since some of Humin’s celebrity investors include the mega-millionaire Richard Branson, star and Sophia Bush who have all agreed to be part of the app’s promotional video during the launch. It is clear that the makers are keen to associate the app with Branson’s level of success in the future.