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Sneakers: The Best iPad App To Buy Sneakers

Sneakers: The Best iPad App To Buy Sneakers

When was the last time you bought a pair of cool sneakers? How often do you buy a new pair of It? Do you have different of them for running, school, office and casual outing? “Which pair of It goes best with a formal suit” was your last Google search then there is a cool app for all you Sneakers loving people who are obsessed with their shoes and are always looking to experiment and are never satisfied with the limited designs they witness at the shoe store. Let’s look into the app and find out what’s new with the app.

Sneakers: The Complete app by U-Dox

U-Dox is the mastermind and the creative agency behind the idea of Sneakers.  The app is a complete limited edition guide to more than 500 sneaker designs. It is the one-stop shopping destination to check out your favorite sneakers and the layout of the iPad app helps create a world class experience. The only for iPad Sneakers app houses a broad digital library of more than 500 unique shoes comprising of 18 leading sports brands and it allows a 360-degree rotation all the shoes so that the user can check out each and every minute detail with a zoom.

Features of Sneakers App:

App has some amazing never seen before features all in one single app like:

  • More than 500 sneakers in one place
  • 18 top most sports brands
  • 360-degree rotations of every shoe
  • 100% filterable content
  • High-res images for picture perfect clarity
  • Interactive view of the studio

More From Sneakers

At present, there are limited brands that have decided to provide their services to this app and it is more than enough to start with if I were to say. There are top leading brands providing their products like Adidas, Asics, Nike, New Balance, Reebok, Air Jordan, Lacoste, Saucony, Puma and more. Why don’t you give it a try, download this iPad app and let us know your shopping experience.

Sneakers: The iPad App is available on the iTunes App Store for approximately $7 USD, or $4 USD for the first two weeks.