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Inkhunter – The Tattoo App That Wants Good Tattoos For You That You Won’t Regret!

Inkhunter Tattoo App

Tattoos are always symbolic but sometimes they to become bad decisions. Luckily bad tattoos can be avoided with the help of a neat little augmented reality app named Inkhunter. This app shows exactly what the tattoo will look like before getting permanently etched into your body parts.

InkHunter works as the ideal fitting room for tattoos. One could draw a smiley face on their arm, and that would work as a marker for the app. The app then keeps track of the spot and then one can fit in the tattoo from various places to see it from different possible angles.

Getting Inked is Easy Now with The Tattoo App

Designs for virtual tattoo can be chosen from the tattoo app since it includes a gallery of tattoos that have been uploaded. You can see if the tattoo design looks good after getting inked to the skin.

Although it is a simple process to check out new tattoos easily, InkHunter CEO Oleksandra Rohachova stressed that the interface works fluidly and is much more effective than one could imagine. For those fond of getting tattoos inked on their body, this little augmented reality app can actually help them decide what and where to ink without having to regret about it later.

Selection of Designs that can get you Virtually Inked

The app includes a huge selection of designs made by several tattoo artists and with the smartphone-powered augmented reality feature, one can place pixels on the flesh in real-time.

Upload your own sketches in the Inkhunter tattoo app and check out your own pen skills and if they are great enough to make a permanent mark on yourself. The app even asks the user to put little ink on the skin and then draw a flat-lined emoji-style face on the body part where you are most comfortable to get yourself inked.

The AR tech makes use of the phone’s camera, along with three ink marks of the emoji, to position and then overlay the design of the intended tattoo. You can peek into the screen to look at the alternate tattoo and know if it would suit you. This is AR working for you.

  • InkHunter lets the users take a snap of your AR tattoo, for future reference and even as a means to share it with others whom you trust for a second opinion.
  • There are some light editing shots in the app’s arsenal — including a blur effect that would show how the tattoo would look after some years especially when they are a bit unclear.
  • And then you might wonder if the scorpion tattoo on the shoulder makes a statement some years from now or not.

The Tattoo Makers

The app was born in the brains of a team of software engineers in Ukraine as part of a 48 hour hackathon in 2014. Two designers rewrote and redesigned the app and then uploaded it as an iOS app. Even as it may not position itself clearly, the digital ink does give an idea as to how the tattoo will look in the near future.

The makers worked on the AR algorithm to improve performance and even subjected the app to different conditions, improving detection, accuracy and stability of the tattoo position as time flew by.

The app currently supports black and white tattoos only and the makers are thinking of expanding the same with an overlay of coloured tattoos. The makers are even keen on creating an adaptive custom sketch uploader to remove sketches from the gallery along with some minor navigation and search features.

Download and Use the Incredible App for Indelible Tattoos!

The app is free to download although it requests users to buy tattoo artists’ designs and save snaps. The monetization plan is to earn from sales, although future focus would be on specific tattoo artist bookings. Involving tattoo artists to connect is the main strategy for the app that will work for tattoo artists.