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InboxVudu – The Incredible Email Prioritizer now on Apple Watch!


Nearly every business professional will need help in managing email. Email assistant apps are known to be extremely useful productivity apps. With InboxVudu, one can expect the same as it assists users to pick out messages and highlight the important lines. It converts them into to-do lists now with the help of a new iPhone app and Google Chrome plug-in. Although it has some areas of improvement, one can expect the email prioritizer to make it big with the Apple Watch app launch.

Introducing InboxVudu

InboxVudu works with Gmail presently and is available for download for iPhones. The website authenticates your Gmail account after you register on the site without having to worry about its security since it does not store your password. InboxVudu intentionally looks at the email content but without flouting any privacy concerns. This might put off some users but those who can trust it, will surely love the app and the site.

Here is how it works

  • Once you allow it to peep into your Gmail account, it scans emails from inbox and sent mail, and looks for messages that prompt for action. These pieces are then tied to the app and Chrome plugin with context.
  • There are two tabs for incoming messages and sent mail respectively. The tabs include reminders of return mails and those who you are expecting to respond back to you.
  • A bit of each message is shown and includes the sender or recipient’s name and the time.
  • One can view old messages by clicking on a link that redirects the same to your standard mail.

According to the makers, InboxVudu not only sniffs at punctuations but focuses strongly on semantics. It is based on a relation-extraction engine that understands relations between multiple phrases in a sentence. It also uses more than 3,000 rules to understand intent and then looks for specific requests, proposals, queries, and the like.

According to early tests, the app and the site can pick up threads about gifts to be sent, and emails that implied deadlines but did not mention it in the text.

InboxVudu – The Context

  • Requests you to send documents, answer queries and confirm.
  • Schedule meetings or cancel them.
  • Check on commitments and affirmations.
  • No Reply to Requests after a period of time.
  • Questions unanswered after a period of time.
  • Stalled Sales conversations.

The app and the site is useful for the right capitalization of inbound leads, to help out busy professionals who receive 100+ new emails every day, anyone who wish for personal assistants and those who are keen to get the email checking done quickly and accurately.

Other Features

InboxVudu handles push notifications efficiently where relevant text is highlighted conveying the overall important information. It conveys more than an alert from an important person by leaving out only the small talk within the mail.

As part of the website, the service asks about inviting your own connections based on people who are quite slow to reply. With the knowledge of people who ignore you although a little misleading, but is useful once you scan through the contacts. One can even integrate the account with Slack thus pushing important messages through the Slack channel.

One can even mute people who are not in reality, serious about urgency in their mails.

Support for Apple Watch

InboxVudu Apple Watch

InboxVudu creates automatic To Do lists from the Gmail account and now it offers Apple Watch support. Now one can actually control the mails and get a gist of what they contain by tapping into the Apple Watch and get the important requests on top.