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Human iOS App : Don’t Miss Your 30 Min Daily Workout

Human iOS App

Today, I see fitness freaks all around me. We go for morning walks, cycling, running, gymming, yoga and what not. People are now getting awareness about the importance of being fit and healthy and what benefits it can reap for you if you are able to successfully test your strength each passing day. Again, fitness is not a one time thing. You cannot start working out when you are in a good mood, carry on for a few weeks start seeing some difference and stop it slowly to nil again. This is not the right approach to gain proper fitness.

Fitness is a routine for life, not a one time thing and till you don’t understand this simple fact, you are not serious about your body. Doctors suggests that at least 30 minutes of physical activity like walking, running or cycling is advisable to lead a longer and healthy life. There is an app called Human, that works on this principle of monitoring those 30 minutes of your day so that you never miss out on your mini-workouts.

Humans App

Human App is the latest addition to the all-day tracking devices that we have and it is like a breath of fresh air. It inspires you to move at least for 30 minutes or more, if you wish to take it further. It will automatically track your morning/evening walks, runs, cycle rides and various other activities performed for a minute or more. Creating a club for your friends/ family/colleagues can make workouts fun and there is always someone in the group who would make sure that you work out daily, so never miss out on your workout.

Features of Human App

You can follow your daily workout progress with the new Apple Watch app. You can gain levels by successfully moving for at least 30 minutes a day and earn high resolution wallpapers/ backgrounds to customise Human on your iPhone and Apple Watch too. You can use the Glance to see your daily progress in an instant. Creating clubs of your friends and family is a great asset. It detects all the indoor activities as ‘Active’ minutes and even calculates the calories burned by taking into consideration your age, weight and other details. You can see your activities including maps and details. Storing the daily activities in iOS Health is a good feature and though Human doesn’t calculate the number of steps you walked, it can be tracked by your iPhone.

No Battery Troubles

We all have faced battery issues at some point or the other because of the high resolution images of the camera, HD videos, huge apps that take time to load and internet and GPS makes it worse and we are always looking for a charger. Human is well optimised and it uses minimum power and that will definitely impact the battery life of your smartphone. These results do vary based on your daily usage and poor network conditions that you are facing. Phone charging is recommended during night time when you go to sleep.

Try out the cool Human app and let us know what difference does it make to your health.