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Hound Voice Search – The Coolest Voice Assistant in Town

Hound Voice Search Assistant

Mobile phones have brought with them a multitude of features that were previously unheard of. Amongst the many capabilities that mobile phones possess, one of the most transformational ones are voice assistants. While Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now are strong players in the voice assistant space, there is room for many more.

Hound Voice Search

While most of the current voice assistants take time to get used to your commands, Hound Voice Search is different. It offers extremely fast responses to your natural speech. Users do not have to learn any special keywords or phrases to interact with Hound Voice Search. Using the follow-up feature, users can filter, sort, or add more information to their query to make it more specific. Hound Voice Search is the fastest and easiest way to get the information, entertainment, and communication services you want. It is specially built to cater to users’ busy life, allowing them to get what they need and move on.

Lightning Fast Responses with Extreme Precision

Hound Voice Search

Hound Voice Search has the ability to handle the most complex of queries and respond with lightning fast speed. Hound Voice Search has been designed keeping in mind the various queries that users face every day. Till now, when users needed any information, they Googled it up to find answers. But with Hound Voice Search, that’s going to change. Through simple voice commands, users can ask any difficult query and be sure to get an accurate answer. Hound Voice Search is extremely quick at identifying words and delivering answers that makes Siri and Google Now look slow and outdated.

Cool Features

Hound Voice Search has a number of in-built functions that aims to make everyday life easy and comfortable. By simply uttering the words “Ok Hound” users can enjoy a number of features:

  • Web searches: Being hands-free, Hound Voice Search enables users to search for content on the web, without them having to type.
  • Phone calls and text messages: Through voice commands, users can make phone calls and send text messages at any time and from anywhere.
  • Calculator: Users can ask Hound Voice Search to make quick calculations through voice commands.
  • Weather report: Users can ask the latest weather report or for the current/future temperature in a particular city or town.
  • Local search: Users can search for restaurants, coffee shops, malls, and stores and can also seek specific information like the best Chinese restaurants nearby or malls with a food court.
  • Navigation: Users can ask for directions to a particular destination and be navigated to it seamlessly. Hound Voice Search takes traffic into consideration and offers the best route possible. Users can also ask to be directed to the nearest McDonald’s or petrol station.
  • Hotel search: Hound Voice Search provides all the latest updates on hotels and Expedia bookings. Users can be as specific as they want while searching for a hotel: hotels with a balcony, or a bath tub, sea-facing or twin-room, and even specify the price range in which that are seeking a room.
  • Uber: The in-built Uber feature allows users to get fare estimates, journey time, and also enables them to speak to Uber and get a booking made.
  • Sound Hound Now: With the Sound Hound Now feature, users can activate a music recognition search or also sing or hum a tune and get a result for their tune.

Coming Soon

Hound Voice Search is available for both the leading platforms Android and iPhone. Although Hound Voice Search will not be available as a replacement to other voice assistants, developers can integrate it into their own apps to make full use of it.