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Hooks iOS App: Stay Hooked with Latest Notifications

Hooks iOS app

With the increasing number of events and activities and events occurring around the world every now and then, it so happens that most of the times we are not aware of what is happening around even if we go in a hibernation for a few days. Life is so hectic for us nowadays that it feels like we even need a push notification for lunch and dinner and being social is the last thing on our mind. There is this new app for iPhone called “Hooks” which keeps you hooked to the things that are important to you.

What is Hooks App?

Hooks is an only for iPhone app launched recently specifically used to send notifications for the important things of our life. You can search from over 1 Million plus alerts to be sent to your mobile or even better, you can create custom alerts for the things that you need a notification or a reminder by choosing one of more than 100 channels provided by the Hooks app. The sole purpose of the app is to make your iPhone notifications smarter and they have started beautifully.

Features of Hooks App:

You can choose to subscribe from more than 100 channels to get notifications. Like if you are a sports fanatic, you can choose to get notifications from NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores, music concerts, currency exchange including Bitcoins, Youtube, Vimeo, Quora, Reddit and many more. They have been adding new channels every week so now there is no chance you will miss a beat.

What people have to say about Hooks App:

  • TechCrunch – “Hooks Wants To Send You A Notification For Anything That’s Important To You”
  • UnCrate – “In total, you have access to over one million different alerts, all manageable in a clean interface“
  • WonderHowTo – “Get Custom iPhone Alerts for Shows, Films, Games, Weather, & More with Hooks”
  • “ This app just keep me updated regarding each and everything a must have app for every iOS owner”

The Hooks app is free to download on the iTunes, so why not give it a try and we are sure that you are about get hooked to the Hooks apps. Let us know if you have any thing to say about the Hooks app, we will feature it in our article.