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Highball iOS App: Now Be Your Own Bar Tender

Highball iOS App

Who doesn’t like weekends? That is when we get drunk without being responsible and some people follow this throughout the week too. And, we all try to befriend a bar tender at our favourite pubs because familiarity with the bar tender means: good deals and discounts on costly drinks, extra alcohol, access to free alcohol and what not. But this might create a dent in your pocket as it is not and we would like to have a drink or two at our places with our partners or friends so going to a pub every time is not feasible. The solution for this is an iPhone app called Highball that is great to share and find recipes of cocktails and other drinks.

Highball iOS app

Highball is an iOS app to share and keep track of all types of cocktail recipes from people around the world by the company Studio Neat and this is free so why to pay those hard earned bucks to the bar tender when you can make your drink yourself. Just imagine the case that you enjoy an exotic cocktail over beer and prefer to make it yourself then this is a must have app for you. This app might come across as pretty much similar to the Lush and Cocktail Flow apps.

Features of Highball iOS app:

Even if you are nowhere near being a professional bar tender, you can still prepare awesome cocktails for your guests with ease. Along with the iOS app, Studio Neat, Glif and Slow Fast Slow offer their own Neat Ice Kit and Simple Syrup Kit both these kits will enhance your concocting cocktails experience much better. It is not necessary to have these kits to use Highball, but they are pretty handy if you look at the bigger thing.

On launching the app comes an introduction of the app and how to use it. The interface design of the app is quite simple and would remind you of simple apps like Passbook. The recipe cards that you decide to collect and store in the Highball app are shown on the main screen with just the name of the drink to start with. The typography used in Highball is easy-to-read and the images used to represent drinks are beautiful and stylish. Navigation within the app is intuitive too, just requiring basic taps and swipes to expand or collapse cards, edit, and add new ones.

Handy or not?

Sharing a recipe card is like sharing an image. So, you can keep the recipe card even if you don’t know what the app is about or no problem if you don’t have the app on your phone. A superb way to share and keep recipes irrespective of the platform a user chooses to go with. It is a noble concept and not a money laundering one indeed. The only problem is you have type everything and can’t paste the recipes in the app.

It is available for free, so why not you download this Highball iOS app and let us know what you feel about the app so that we can share it with our readers.