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Grammar Snob – Easiest way of correction in iMessage

Grammar Snob

With Apples newest iPhone, it gave us all an impressive new iMessage app in which spell-check and suggestive texts are used. Grammar Snob is the latest additions to the iOS 10 iMessage update, in which the system is to add or send stickers via text.

The Latest Grammar Snob can be your inner English teacher that will enable those inclined to add scribbles and corrections in red ink to your mistakes. For the grammar-conscious people, the Grammar Snob collection from developer John Haney gives the editorial corrections with various scribbles and crossing-outs features.

It is not always good to add stickers into conversations therefore now you have handwritten corrections appear on your loved ones’ phone screens thanks to Grammar Snob.  It’ll be like a self-correcting notepad, but with a magical feeling. Grammar callouts which were used since many years are rarely productive as it only shows errors of those people who may not have learned standard English grammar rules in the first place.

Correcting people’s grammar always looks uncool in a social context. But with the help of Grammar Snob, you can overlay red pencil corrections of common grammar, spelling and usage errors in any of their iMessage chats. There can be corrections on spelling mistakes, sentence formation, and properly placed apostrophes.

What is Grammar Snob?

Grammar Snob is the new iOS app that helps in correcting mistakes. It is for those who are objectively the worst in writing messages. Without hurting the sentiments of others it tries to correct their mistakes thus avoiding any breakup in friendships. It wields with care without hurting their standard of written English.

With all the stickers from the pack of Grammar Snob, one can point out the terrible English or grammar of your friend. It shows the appropriate way of writing it and guiding it to form the sentences with mentioned corrections. After placing the sticker, it is unable to remove it, so think before using it.

How to use it?

The corrections made from Grammar Snob are all marked in a red pen-like graphic that can be easily inserted by holding the sticker and placing it over all the mistakes. The corrections can include pronunciation or grammatical errors such as the ‘lose/loose’ dilemma mistakes like confusing it’s for it’s, or the ‘we’re/were/where’ conundrum.

The Grammar Snob app includes corrections and suggestions to improve for common grammatical mistakes those written in maximum foolishness. Of course, the app is used to correct one’s own mistakes and additionally correct the mistakes of others too.

Significant Features of Grammar Snob

  • With the help of Grammar Snob, one can communicate clearly and correctly and play by the rules of grammar.
  • It turns your smartphone into your English teacher’s red pen and lets you correct your friends every grammatical misstep.
  • It becomes quite easy and appropriate to correct the grammar of a larger group or body.
  • One can promote standard English usage in clear language, without confusing any constituents.
  • Typos in official documents can save millions of money of governments and various corporations.

Price and Availability

As we know that iOS 10 has arrived for the masses now users can tap the App Store, and search for Grammar Snob to install. You can directly download it from here. The app costs $0.99 adding a little culture to your text messages.


These simple stickers for iOS 10 from Grammar Snob let you simulate red-pen editing within all your messages and chats. Let your friends and colleagues get irritated by seeing too much red ink on their screens. It makes it damn easier than ever to point out your friend’s terrible grammar with suggesting appropriate sentences and corrections in place.