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Google’s Gboard is the Newest Keyboard on the Block, Especially Reserved for iOS Platform!


google gboard

Google’s release of Gboard keyboard alternative in iOS is sending new messages across the board. Google has released it on iOS before Android, surprisingly and the features are good enough to replace Swype. Also, it has the ability to pick up often-used key clicks.

The keyboard does handle strong predictive word suggestions, and even matches emojis easily, while also working on swipe tracking. For all keystrokes, any type of input app can send it to iOS.

An Overview of the Gboard App

Gboard is the new keyboard from Google that is reserved for the iOS platform. It is a great keyboard including all features that make it one of the most ideal keyboards to use. It also includes GIFs, emojis, and even swipe typing with Google Search embedded in it. It also includes app switching capabilities; one just has to search for the right keywords and send the same right from your keyboard.

  • One can search for relevant stores and restaurants.
  • The right videos and images for any term you want to search.
  • Weather forecasts and expected climate changes.
  • News and articles related to current trends.
  • Sports scores in real-time.

Including anything that one might search on Google…

Additionally, one can integrate the following in each of their conversations and the apps that include the GBoard support:

  • GIFs — Search the right GIFs for the best reaction that you want to convey.
  • Emoji Search— Find the perfect emoji that can capture your intended expressions.
  • Glide Typing — Type faster just by sliding fingers from one letter to letter to form the intended word.

Privacy Measures

Since all the things that are being typed on the phone are personal, Gboard is designed to keep private information private itself.

  • Information sent by Gboard to Google includes the query to Google’s web servers that the company can process the query and send in search results.
  • It also sends anonymous statistics to Google so that problems are diagnosed whenever the features stop working or the app crashes inadvertently.
  • As per Google, Gboard will only remember words that are being typed to help the user with spelling or for predicting searches based on user interest. The data is stored on the device and not accessible to Google or any other app.
  • When the user allows for Full Access to a keyboard, Apple expresses concerns on its use. Gboard is also touted to give the search company more information about personal habits and behaviour. But these claims are not yet proved.

Does Google Invade our Privacy in any Way?

Google gets access to all keystrokes as per some analysts. As per Google’s statements, it sends the searches that are sent to Google by tapping the G icon. One can also wipe the search history anytime and the information is not synced with other Google products. Gboard is expected to remember words that are typed for predicting searches. But some analysts have expressed concerns about the leak of information outside of encryption that can be taken advantage through the local Wi-Fi connection and even discern information about personal habits.

One might not have to get too worked up about keyboards from large firms like Google and Microsoft but one should be concerned about sending data to the company. Apple, for instance, does not implement the Allow Full Access switch when a new keyboard is enabled.