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Google’s 3 New Photography Apps: Innovative Ways to Deal Mobile Photography


The smartphone camera is continuously improving and long ago they replaced the point and shoot cameras. In fact, smartphone cameras are offering now even professional DSLR grade output as well. Though no smartphone camera as of now has completely replaced the necessity of sophisticated DSLRs at least in respect of ability of camera hardware, the improvement on the software front thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence has continued to boost the image qualities with every subsequent flagship phone. On top of that, a whole range of innovative photo apps is continuing to boost image output.

Keeping this trend further alive, Google as recently came up with three different photography apps. If you think that this new effort of Google in photography apps is to give its Pixel phone users more power in capturing life around, you are terribly wrong. While there are one each app for Android and iOS, there is one cross-platform app for both the platforms as well.

What Is So Special About These New Photography Apps?

No, these are not typical run of the mill of photography apps that flood the app scene with features and effects that vary from negligible to weird to funny. No, these apps powered by artificial intelligence will actually help to make your snaps better rather than just offering funny effects and photo editing tools.

Google is working for some time in making smartphone photography better. In fact, from offering one of the best smartphone camera with latest Pixel 2 to this new breed of photography apps it seems to be a continuous commitment to good photography from Google. Offering awesome time-lapse videos to turning videos into short and cute cinemagraphs to AI-powered object recognition and stylisation algorithms, in the number of ways these new Google apps are going to deliver never-before photographic output.

Artificial intelligence already unleashed by many smartphone makers as part of their photography suit can really add immense value to the image processing and output. Face and object recognition apart, AI can help rendering the light and other effects on the basis of individual preferences. AI can also be suggestive of the best output with variations of distance and zooming. With AI, photography is going to be more efficient than ever before. No wonder that Google made its first significant foray into smartphone photography apps with artificial intelligence.

Let Us Now Have A Look At Three New Google Apps For Photography.


Storyboard is an Android app that allows you to turn a video into a comic layout contained just within a single page. After the transformation is complete you can save it in your device or upload it in any of your cloud apps for access in the future. Using it involves no technical jargons and no learning curve. All you need is to shoot your video and thereafter just load it in the Storyboard app.

It actually requires no efforts from your side. As soon as you upload the video in the Storyboard app it automatically selects interesting video frames, layout and applies these into any of the six visual styles. If you are not happy with one such storyboard, you can try other visual styles and produce different ones from the same video. By tweaking the styles and visual attributes you can actually produce an unlimited number of comic layouts of your video.


Selfissimo! Is another photography app from a Google which is available for both iOS and Android platform. Keeping the popularity of selfie among smartphone flaunting generation Google has created an app that can take selfies automatically when you pose facing your camera. The app allows you to snap stylish black and white selfie of yours as soon as you face the camera.

The app can take care of your constant craving for shooting selfies and it comes as really effective when you make a movement. It can also run an entire photo shoot session with several selfies snapped together. Once done, you can choose the favorite ones and delete the rest.


Scrubbies is an iOS app that by manipulating the speed and direction of a video can highlight interesting moments, faces and activities and allows you to replay them. This app gives you a comparable experience of working like DJ with your video. You can grab any moment from the playback and save it separately or replay it or share it instantly on social platforms.

It is needless to say that all the above three apps are innovative and hence are worth trying to the users. With Google continuing to add value to the smartphone photography on both hardware and software fronts, these three apps will certainly pave the way for experiments with photo shooting and editing.