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Google Translate gets a boost with Real Time Translation

Google Translate

What is it with real time translation entering the world of chatting? Now Google has launched an updated Google Translate with a real time translation feature which comes not as a surprise as Microsoft did just that a month ago Google, by launching the Skype Translator app which is a real time text-to-speech translator. Currently focusing on English and Spanish languages. Reports are that even Facebook is working on something similar. Turns out, even our app development team at Nimblechapps have worked on a Real Time Translation chat application for one of our clients who now has tough competition on his hand in Google and Microsoft to start with.

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is not like a regular app that you get to see every other day, it is more of once in a decade app and it has more than 500 million active users enjoying the services every month and for many people it is the most important tool to understand other languages. The app upon its inception a couple of years back has improved a lot with different updates but the most recent update is the biggest and game changing one as far as Real Time Translation is concerned, which allows to convert speech to text on the go. The app will recognise if a person is conversing in a different language and will convert the speech into text.

Features of updated Google Translate

The best feature has to be the Real Time Translation hands down. This feature is available for the most popular languages in the world and Google is working on adding more languages to this list so that most people around the world can use this app in their day to day lives. It can translate over 90 languages efficiently. You can translate with your voice, camera or keyboard. You can star your most used translations for quick access the next time you want to use it. You can view dictionary for single words and phrases alike.

What is Word Lens, Camera mode in Google Translate?

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Word Lens is the latest feature updated in the Google Translate. What this feature does is that you just need to point your camera to a sign or text and the app will show you the translated result. There is no need of an internet connection and works well in the offline mode too.Currently Word Lens is available in: English ↔ French, English ↔ German, English ↔ Italian, English ↔ Portuguese, English ↔ Russian, English ↔ Spanish. The Camera Mode helps you to take a snap, highlight what you want to translate and the app will translate for you. There is also an automatic language detection in speech mode where the user can start the feature and the app will recognise one of the two languages so that it will give you a better idea about the conversation.

How will Google Translate compete with Skype Translator?

People have used Google Translate’s web translations and there is no doubt about the spontaneity of the results and the authenticity too, that is the reason why Google Translate might have a faint edge over Skype Translator. But if we talk about the app Google Translate, there are still some issues and it will get better with time because some of the conversion is slow which does not look like a natural one on one conversation. Whereas Microsoft is relying on Bing Translator, phrases mined from WordPress and conversations recorded previously by users along with machine learning.

Currently Skype Translator offers its services for English and Spanish only whereas Google Translate has over 36 languages for photo translation and adding the rest of the 90 languages to this list too. If you would like to know more or discuss about which of Google Translate or Skype Translator is the best, do not hesitate to mention it in the comments below and we will get back to you.