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Google Launches Standalone Street View App for Android and iOS

Google Street View App

The Internet has opened windows to a world of stunning pictures and amazing videos from around the globe. With people travelling to exotic places, the ability for them to share such images on the Internet with friends and family is truly exciting. And through the use of Google Maps and Google Earth, people are now able to navigate through places and view images of millions of beautiful places around the world.

Introducing the Street View App

Google Maps are serviceable to many, and actually guides travelers efficiently when they are stuck in an unknown location. Also, it is one application that can help users to plan their travel trips, explore nearby options and even guides others to your own present location. To augment the experience of travelers, Google has announced the launch of a stand-alone street view app which makes exploring the world a lot easier. In addition to viewing public images, people can capture their own 360 degree views of places and share them via Google Maps and Street View, making the whole experience seem like virtual reality. The immersive imagery makes people feel they are actually at that place, at that very moment.

Virtual Reality

While Google Earth provides people with a close view of a particular monument or street, the Street View App goes a step further and provide peoples a feeling of being virtually present. It couples the content of Google Earth with camera shots of people, offering a comprehensive view of a particular location and a real-life like experience. The Street View App is basically a map; as users move through locations, the app automatically filters results and offers a consolidated list of photos from nearby places.

360 Degree Camera

In order to provide users with a delightful experience, Google is partnering with camera maker Ricoh to design a new 360 degree camera that can capture images through a simple click of a button.

  • Christened Theta S, the camera is a sleek and slender gadget the size of a cigarette lighter and is available in 5 vivid colours: black, white, yellow, blue and pink.
  • With lenses popping out from either side of the camera, the Theta S incorporates a 24 MP sensor.
  • The camera has the capability to capture images without leaving a single blind spot, giving users a full 360-degree view.
  • The Theta S can be controlled by a smartphone.
  • The captured images can be saved on the device’s local 8GB storage or on a smartphone.

Download Today

The Street View App is available for download on iOS and Android Devices. Users can browse Google’s most popular image collections, explore all of street view including pictures posted by other users and manage their own photo spheres through the app.

Ending Note

Street View App gives users the freedom to create their own photospheres and add them to the street view experience. By a simple click of the smartphone camera or a 3rd party camera like the Theta S, users can now capture stunning images of landmarks, natural wonders and museums and share them with people around the world.