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Accessing Artwork and Artifacts through Google Arts & Culture App

Google Arts & Culture App

Not everyone can visit the world’s oldest examples of classic Greek architecture. Despite being made for the masses, art and culture are often inaccessible.

Google has launched an app of its new Arts & Culture which allows users to explore art and history from more than a thousand museums across 70 countries. This initiative from Google has teamed up with more than 1,100 institutions to bring artwork, artifacts, to online which will be a powerful portal for accessing and experiencing art.

Google Arts & Culture App works with virtual reality devices like Google Cardboard that tours for 20 locations and a new tool called Art Recognizer is also enabled that turns your museum visit into a multimedia experience.

About this App

Google’s attention to preserving and sharing artwork has always been admirable therefore they have taken the initiative to develop their love for art. They’re never stopping in their quest to make the world searchable which has helped them discover a tool to discover art worldwide.

Google Arts & Culture App is not just an online display of art but it encourages viewers to gather insight into the visual culture of all museums and prompts them to visit the location in real life.

The process starts with pointing your phone’s camera at a piece of art which then recognizes the work and shows all the related information – in terms of audio, video, artist, etc.—on your phone. There are many generously illustrated articles on these artifacts that are a new addition to this app.

Introducing App with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is being used in various fields and introducing VR for art and culture is truly a new concept. One can hold the phone up in front of real-life artworks and retrieve information on the painter and the related painting.

It is truly a great boon for museum visitors, as it offers useful information without a guide and a guidebook. The virtual reality element is supported by Google Cardboard with Google offering more avenues for people around the world to start learning and enjoying famous artworks.

Features of Google Arts & Culture App

  • Google’s Arts and Culture App helps to explore artworks and artifacts from over 1000 museums.
  • Discover hidden stories behind them in daily features.
  • Explore artworks and other items by color and by time period.
  • Take panoramic tours of hundreds of museums, heritage sites, and landmarks.
  • Experience the real feel in virtual reality using your Google Cardboard VR viewer.

Other Uses

You can easily browse all of Van Gogh’s paintings chronologically and can even sort out Monet’s paintings by color. All the information and related articles are presented with a crisp, clean, and full of beautiful images.

With this specialized features, you can even draw connections between the vast repository of artistic, cultural, and historic artifacts simultaneously. It is just an experience of immersing yourself in cultural experiences across art, history, and wonders of the world.

Available Platforms

Google Arts & Culture app is available to browse online, or download on iOS and Android for free. With the help of Virtual reality viewer, you can travel to 2,500 years back in time and look around ancient ruins and heritage.

Our Verdict

The app has superb features and is surely an interesting app for art lovers. It creates enthusiasm and builds interest for people to actually go to museums and see a painting or statue where it really exists, all without leaving one’s phone or computer. With Google Cardboard support, it gives them a sense of scale and physicality which has been missing on online websites. So here is a chance to rediscover your passion for famous artists, institutions, and masterpieces, all without ever leaving your home.