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Get Personalized Notifications with Facebook Notify App

Facebook Notify App

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site. Launched in 2004, Facebook currently has over 1 billion users across the globe. Facebook is an integral and indispensable part of people’s lives; from teenagers to senior citizens, Facebook has captured the interests of several generations. However, enjoying the Numero Uno spot is not easy. With competition in the social networking space and having stay relevant to users over time, Facebook needs to continuously revamp and innovative itself to retain its position at the pinnacle.

Facebook Notifications

Facebook Notifications have been of great use. Hectic work-life and a busy personal life thereafter often leave people with insufficient time to check through their Facebook wall for updates and news and stories that interest them. With Notifications, users can just glance through updates on the home screen of their mobile phones, letting them utilize their time more efficiently. Now, imagine if you could personalize your Facebook Notifications and get only ones that are most relevant to you?

The New Facebook Notify App

With a user base as huge as Facebook’s, it is obvious that people will have different interests; from sports and movies, to art and news, celebrity updates and food posts – Facebook caters to the interests of a massive audience. In order to provide a more personalized experience to its billion plus users, Facebook has launched a new app called Notify, that lets users effortlessly stay connected to the things they care about, throughout the day. With Notify, users can create a personalized mix of notifications about things that interest them; they just need to select the different types of notifications they want, and they will start getting updates from things that interest them, right on their locked mobile screen. Users can choose from the latest game scores, to the local weather, breaking news, new movie trailers and a lot more.

Enjoy a Customized Experience

  • Facebook Notify App lets users easily discover and add new stations through its easy to use user interface.
  • With Facebook Notify App, users can stay-to-date with all the notifications they have received in the last 24 hours.
  • Users can select form a range of stations they are interested in and get updates on those stations.
  • Based on users’ Facebook profiles, Facebook Notify app also sends station suggestions for notifications.
  • Through an easy swipe or tap on any notification on the locked mobile screen, users can open the notification and read the full article or watch the entire video.
  • Users can add a notification to their Saved list, if they want to remember it for later.
  • Facebook Notify app also lets users share their favourite notifications with their friends and family through text, email, Facebook or any other social networking site.

Download Today

Facebook Notify App is available for users in the US on iOS devices. Facebook Notify App is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and requires iOS 8.0 or above.

Get Notifications that Matter

Since Notifications are one of the primary ways in which people learn about things, Facebook Notify App delivers timely notifications to users about things that matter to them the most, from the sources they love the most – all in one place. Now find and save notifications you’re into across a wide range of categories and enjoy a personalized Facebook experience.