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Fit Men Cook App: Changing lifestyles

Fit Men Cook App

If you love to eat healthy and cook healthy and really want smart and healthy cooking ideas at your fingertips, then the Fit Men Cook app is just the thing you need. Well, before rushing to the grocery store and pulling together ingredients for your recipe, you’ve first got to have an iPhone, iPad or the Apple Watch to be able to make the most of this app called Fit Men Cook App.

With more than hundred delicious and healthy recipes for vibrant, lip-smacking meals that are both budget friendly and easy to prepare, the Fit Men Cook app is one of the best things that could ever happen to food lovers. It’s all there, right at your fingertips!

One of the best things that can be said about this app is that it’s marinated with innovative recipes and you can never be out of ideas to cook your unexpected guest a stunning meal.

This is how it works

  1. Search: Want to make fish? Just enter ‘Fish’ in the search box and pop comes a huge range of recipes that have fish as an ingredient (photos included).
  2. Select: Quickly select your fish recipe.
  3. Shopping made easy: Now this is one of my favourite tools on Fit Men Cook App. Once you’ve selected your recipe, add it to your shopping cart and BOOM – an entire list on your in app shopping list categorized by areas of the grocery store, comes up on your iPad. What’s even more exciting is that if you’re looking for recipes on your iPad at home, you don’t necessarily have to take along the iPad to the store. Your iPhone and Apple Watch and your iPad are all synced in. So when the shopping list appears on your Watch, you simply pick up those items, put them in your cart and tick them off on your Watch. No more toggling from multiple recipes for items to buy and traveling from aisle to aisle if you miss something.
  4. Preparation made easier: Cooking not being a really simple process with all the preparation that need to be done prior to lighting the stove, the Fit Men Cook app eases the strain to a great extent. The genius ideas that are shared on this app for meal prepping, will undoubtedly blow your mind off, and cooking big and quick will no longer seem a stressful event anymore.

The perks

  • Whether you are a fresher at looking for budget friendly foods, a gym beast, or just trying to find some delicious snacks, the categories on this app are categorized and laid out perfectly to find the best recipe for you.
  • A feature health enthusiasts are bound to fall in love with is the ability of Fit Men Cook App to track calories and macros. You can calculate consumption of calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Now that you are preparing your meals in the right way, you are confident you are within your fitness goals, and there is nothing like it.
  • Another very juicy feature about this app is its ability to scale servings. When work pressure is high and you don’t really have the time to spend in cooking meals every day, and you need to cook more and store for the week ahead, simply press the ‘+’ button so that you can prepare more for when you cannot cook.
  • Besides all these, you can add notes to recipes, swap unit measurements, synch between devices, as well as share recipes with friends.
  • Not only do you get to read the recipes, you also get to watch them. Within the recipe, beautifully created videos makes cooking even easier where you are almost walked through till you plate up.

To prepare easy and affordable food; to make food healthy, vibrant and tasty; as well as to be able to prepare food in advance have been the guiding philosophies of this innovative app.