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Fender Tune App for iOS – Tuning Up Is Now Easier than Ever!

Fender Tune App for iOS

Before playing the guitar, it is important for beginners to use a tuner to tune the strings. Tuning your guitar with the help of mobile apps is not new but Fender Digital has announced a tuning app for iOS to tune your guitar on the handset. Both beginners and pros can use this app. The company provides tools to guitarists with the help of Fender Digital subsidiary and is the first company that is virtually synonymous with the guitar.

iOS-exclusive guitar and bass tuner is the first project by Fender Digital. In spite of a late start, Fender has managed to make a popular app that has a simple interface and easy to understand display –  the two things you definitely want from a guitar tuning app.

Knowing the App

This Fender app was created with a view to helping beginners and pros to working well with guitars. The only main difference between Fender app and other tuning apps that are available in the market is that it not only focuses on the tune but also the tone. The basic system in Fender comes with different approaches of tuning like there is an auto-tune mode, where it guides the player to the right note. Additionally, there is also a manual tuning feature, which emphasizes ear training.

The app has a green meter up top that measures ambient sound. It automatically detects the nearest note and positions itself to the left or right, depending on how sharp or flat you want the tone to be. The manual setting has 11 different tuning options by default. Users can choose between acoustic, electric and bass guitar and even save one’s tunings for future reference.

Uses of Fender Tune App

This type of apps certainly evolves a player’s skill sets, bridging out physical products with innovative digital assets. The entire ecosystem is connected to a series of applications for players to make them play better and have more fun.

Offering spot-on accuracy with adaptive feedback for experienced artists, the app also gives basic tone tips for beginners, and guides them through selecting and strumming their strings, in finding the ideal tone for the strings on their guitar. Thus Fender Tune App is the perfect guitar tuning tool for players of any level.

Splendid Features

  • It is an accurate and easy-to-use guitar tuner app.
  • It is also a portable tuner for guitar players of all levels.
  • Fender’s DSP technology ensures pitch-perfect accuracy with an intuitive interface.
  • A string-by-string diagram guides you through your selected tuning.
  • With the help of interactive Fender headstock, you’ll hear real instrument samples of the note.
  • One can choose from standard, open G, and 19 additional tunings.
  • Has the feature to create your own custom tunings and save them to your Fender Connect personal profile.
  • Get illustrated beginner tips to tune in minutes, even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before.

Available for iPhone

This Fender tuning app is available for iOS devices free of charge, with a way to keep an instrument in tune. You don’t need to carry a separate piece of gear for tuning purpose. From basic strumming to setting up an amplifier there are various automatic and manual tuning tools embedded in it.

There is also a chromatic tuner for getting a string to a specific spot on the scale. With custom configurations for easy access, Fender Tune is available now on Apple’s App store.

Cost price

Fender Tune App have developed a proprietary digital signals processing technology that allows it to accurately determine the perfect characteristics of a sound. Fender Tune App is preloaded with a number of common tunings, and a set of guided lessons, that can be downloaded on the App store right now for free.


With Fender’s first foray into the new ecosystem, there will be new launches at every stage of the app’s development. So, wait and watch this space for more updates.