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Facetune 2 – The Perfect iOS App for Selfie Lovers

Facetune 2

Lightricks had released an amazing photo app named Facetune which was the most popular photo app on the App Store. Facetune has now got an update, with features like 3D face modeling and live editing. The original app made it quick and easy for you to for you to make your selfies look really appealing. The company has launched a fully refurbished version of Facetune with traits like automatic 3D meshing built in, that allows a new way to edit your picture.

Facetune 2 Allows Teeth Whitening

Facetune 2 will not only let you fix problems like blemishes and flash-reddened eyes, but you will also be able to make your teeth look whiter and reshape heads. Enlight, which is an all-around mobile photo editor with Photoshop-like abilities was also created by Lightricks. Facetune 2 is like getting a professional photo retoucher in your pocket.

It Comes with a Machine Learning Boost

The app scans a photo for a face and automatically detects facial features and enables you to enlarge or ensmallen your eyes, nose, or mouth. It also allows you to re-shape a whole face. The toolkit on the app lets helps you remove blemishes and smooth out wrinkles. The new Facetune 2 has also been given machine learning boost.

The Live Preview

Another interesting thing about the Facetune 2 is the Live Preview of facial modifications so that you can see the corrections as you shoot the picture. With this preview, you can see modifications like whitening teeth, smoothing skin, enhancing details, shape, and size of your eyes and nose, fixing shadows etc. This is a really incredible feature.

Allows you to Change the Source of Light

The app creates a live 3D mesh of your face based on a single photograph, this the app does some edits that other apps are not capable of. This feature can change the direction of the light source in the picture. Facetune 2 uses 3D modeling to ascertain the source of light. You can also use it to add a smile to the photos. It also uses AI technology to determine the natural face structure for the changes. These editing tools on Facetune 2 include remarkably realistic facial editing and the ability to re-light the subject.

A Change in the Business Model

This best-looking selfie app has a new business model which moves from one-shot payment to make choices from the app or in-app purchases or subscription model. This means you can pay to download each individual editing feature of the app. But for that Apple will charge a heavy $45. You can download a free version but there are some image-enhancement tools that are to be purchased in-app.

The subscriptions of Facetune 2 starts at $3.99 per month. You can also get a full year subscription for $19.99. The individual in-app purchases range between 99 cents to $2.99, you can try them for free before making a purchase. The subscriptions are half off on the launch day. Facetune 2 is now available on the iOS App Store.

A Handy, Powerful Selfie Studio

Facetune 2 is a real mobile beauty shop for people. Facetune 2 app is for you if you are the kind of person who takes selfies every day for a daily post on their Instagram. Lightricks says they have a few other interesting apps scheduled for a release in 2017.