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Facebook Riff : Make Group Videos With Your Friends

Facebook Riff app

Facebook is going all guns blazing with all their ventures whether it is, Messenger, Facebook Payments, Drones and the last one to be added to this list is a new app named Riff. Facebook’s Riff is designed to allow people to create videos with their friends by linking multiple videos on a single topic and it is fun to use, as told by the young users of Facebook who were miffed with Facebook. The reason behind that was they believed that Facebook was growing old and boring and the Palo Alto company had nothing new to offer. Mark Zuckerberg took this challenge like horse to the water.

What is Facebook Riff?

Riff is Facebook’s new app to allow people to create videos with each other by adding multiple short videos on a single relevant topic. It is quite simple to use Riff. You just need to download the app and then you can start a Riff video by shooting a short video and name it accordingly. After that, your friends would get a notification to watch the video that you have uploaded already and also an invite to shoot their part and add to the existing video.

The size and duration of the video keeps on increasing and more and more people keep contributing to the video. The video has to be shot in the Riff app itself and not by your smartphone’s camera application. There are no uploading tools and to encourage people to submit their videos, but the problem is that there is no liking and commenting on the video.

Features of Facebook Riff:

Some Riffs are short, some are quite long. So, they have also added fast forwarding told and original Riff creators can change new segments of video to delete the unwanted portions of the video, if need be. You get three seconds to switch the camera and then point your camera to the direction you want to shoot and let it go until you hit the green arrow, else it will stop automatically at the 20 second limit.

How Riff works:

• Log in with Facebook to see videos by friends on Riff

• Start a video you want people to add to

• Browse Riff for videos you want to add your own clip to

• Get inspired by checking out videos the Riff team has featured

• Share the videos you start, add to, or find on Riff with friends!

The Riff app is available for both iOS and Android so it is better that you try using this app with your friends and let us know what you feel about this app. You can download here for iOS and Android.