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Enjoy Secure & Stress-free Logins with the Clef Two Factor Authentication


The advances in technology and the Internet compels people to spend a lot of time online. From checking emails to online shopping, ticket booking to social networking – people are literally living their lives online. With a gamut of websites being a part of people’s everyday lives today, users are expected to comply with different login essentials of each website. Which brings us to one realization – isn’t remembering passwords for each of the distinct logins painful and cumbersome?

What Makes Clef Two Factor Authentication Unique

With the Clef Two Factor Authentication, logging into various websites is now stress-free.  Not only does Clef enable easy access to websites, it also greatly improves security. Instead of using the standard password and PIN authentication mechanism to allow secure logins, Clef uses barcode technology to give users access to their favourite websites. It generates a barcode on the screen which can be easily scanned by a phone to enter into a website. The barcode mechanism ensures extra security and allows users to safeguard their personal and critical data. By making people use their cellphone for access, the website can be certain about secure authentication.

It Ensures High Security

Being an open-source project, Clef allows users to leverage on the technology on thousands of websites. With easy access to more than 90,000 websites, Clef does away with the traditional username and password mechanism which was a huge hindrance for users across the world. It runs on RSA public-key architecture, restricting phishing and ensuring ultimate security. To enable Clef authentication for a website,

  • Users need to click on the Clef Secure Login tab on the installation screen.
  • Once the installation is complete, they will need to configure it to get started.
  • Clef will provide necessary links for installing the application on the mobile phone.
  • In order to use the application, users will be required to provide their email address and choose a 4 digit pin code to ensure security.
  • Once the app is installed, users will be asked to synchronize the app with the website.
  • After opening the website, users will be required to hold their phone across the screen and scan the moving waves that appear on it.
  • Once it is scanned, users can securely log into their website.

Gain Easy and Secure Access to Your Favourite Website

As more and more people are moving data into the cloud, there is an impending need for excess security of data. By making use of smartphones to create an identity platform for the web, Clef takes a completely innovative approach to logging in online. While most two-factor authentication mechanisms generate a 6 digit code that is sent to your mobile phone, Clef does away with the codes and the time spent in entering those codes. Clef recognizes genuine users through the sign waves that are generated, and allows users to log out of their sessions from anywhere in the world with a simple touch on the mobile app.

The Clef app is currently available on iOS and Android and is internationalized in 10+ languages. Since Clef needs access to data on the phone, users can utilize the mechanism through Wi-Fi as opposed to SMS based mechanisms that need a mobile signal to access the code.

In a Snapshot

With a recent $1.6 million funding, Clef looks to partner with a lot more companies and enable direct integration with their sites. It aims to work on its engineering and marketing staff and bring in more clients with larger user bases. With a clear vision and monetary backing, Clef is sure to achieve unmatched success.