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Clear your old posts & take control of your online reputation

Clear your old posts & take control of your online reputation

In an age when a potential employer reads your resume later and searches your online history first is when the Clear app comes as a blessing. As suggested in title it lets you Clear your old posts & take control of your online reputation.  It may be slotted in history and probably forgotten, but many a times derogative online posts made in the past could prove to be damaging to one’s career. Ethan Czahor made an example of his embarrassing and hence disastrous professional experience, and used it as a motivation to create this iOS app so that others could be saved from paying the same price as he did. Potentially offensive social media posts made in the past can be spun completely out of context in the present. But now, with the Clear app, we can put our worries to rest. Anything we wish, we can delete in a hassle-free manner with the use of this app.

Features of the Incredible Clear App:

  1. Clear connects privately: Clear integrates securely and privately with your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will never post or delete without your direct permission. Your account is completely safe with the Clear app.
  2. Performs intelligent processing: Clear performs complex and thorough analysis on each of your posts, using its own algorithms. This, together with the assistance from the IBM Watson® supercomputer, inappropriate content is meticulously filtered.
  3. 100% Control of deletes is in your hands: You don’t need to waste time scrolling page after page scanning through old posts. Clear spots the old posts and you can delete them one by one or all at once. The 100% control of the decision to delete data is in your hands. You delete it from Clear, and Clear deletes it from your social network account.
  4. Easy to categorize posts: Although the Clear takes advantage of the deletion abilities that already exist on social networks, what makes it a valuable app is that it makes grouping and retrieval of unwanted posts which we wish to delete an easy process.

This is how it works…

  • Once connected securely to a social media account, the Clear app uses a combination of algorithms and IBM’s super computer Watson, and analyzes and flags potentially inappropriate content in seconds.
  • Once such troublesome content is retrieved based on keywords, for instance profanity or references to racial groups or sexual orientation, we have the option to review the data and delete it on Clear.
  • Clear then deletes such unsuitable data from our Facebook or Twitter or Instagram accounts.

The Purging App for the New Era!

Hence, this new iOS app can otherwise be called a ‘purging’ app which clears any regrettable posts across social media feeds in one go. Even though the product is a much needed one, it is still a long way to be launched commercially. It is said that more research needs to be done on how people use and respond to the app before the business model is figured out. What is also heard is that Clear will not only delete inappropriate photos, videos and status on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but will also rope in content from other social media accounts.