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Calcbot 2.0 – An app that calculates everything

Calcbot 2.0 - An app that calculates everything

What if I told you that there exists an intelligent calculator which can perform almost any type of calculation and unit conversions. Calcbot is one such intelligent calculator which was launched just recently by Tapbots, the company better known for Tweetbot the Twitter client for Mac, iPhone and iPad which is one of the favourite apps for Apple users. Let us look at the features of Calcbot and whether it will be one of the best inventions so far.

What is Calcbot?

Calcbot is an intelligent calculator created by Tapbots which offers an incredible seamless user interface even better than Apple’s default calculator but with more features than Apple’s calculator. Calcbot was recently relaunched with the updates like ‘favourite’ calculations for ease of use. The earlier version which was released last year was only for Mac with a new look that uses bold flat colours and simple big button tap targets to hit.

Features of Calcbot

  • Every calculation you do gets saved on the history tape and you can refer the history tape as many times as you wish.
  • The app’s expression view will allow you to see everything that you have typed so far so that you don’t make any mistakes of typo.
  • You can convert calculations with more than 500 units and auto currency rates.
  • Favourites helps you to mark certain calculations as favourite so that you don’t have to repeat those calculations.
  • You can rotate the device in landscape mode to access the most common scientific functions on the calculator.
  • Instant access to constants like Pi, Atomic mass and you can even customise this by adding your own favourites.
  • Round up the currency really quick and easy.
  • Syncs you history tape, constants and favourites with all your apple devices.
  • Beautiful sound and animation provides an enjoyable user experience.

More about Calcbot

You can add more features by in-app purchases. Other than that Calcbot is free to download with all these amazing features, you can’t ask for anything better than this. The addition to this is a one time in-app purchase which costs you $2. You can translate measurements, weights, energy, volume, time, temperature, speed, and even currency based on ongoing rates.

Calcbot is one hell of an app and with the update it has just gained more significance and will be more useful. We wish that the team at Tapbots keep coming with more such apps like Calcbot and extend their legacy.