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Cakewalk – The Fitness Motivator That Counts Steps and Boosts Progress with Sarcasm!

Cakewalk App

Exercising is crucial to maintaining optimum health and with the advent of several health monitoring apps, people are actually getting hard on themselves and pushing their stamina to the limits.

But the source of motivation for exercise is quite personal for people. Every individual has different motivation and challenge to overcome with respect to health maintenance. Some love to pose competition with friends, some love tunes during workout which keeps them going, and some work best when they strike up solo challenges, each day better than the previous one.

Cakewalk is another fitness motivator app that includes step-counting but with a twist. This fitness app motivates users by shaming you with terrific sarcasm. If you fail to reach your step count goal on an everyday basis, this app will mock you and make sure you do not lag far behind your goal in any way.

Get motivated with Sarcasm

Each morning, prompting yourself for getting up for exercise is an arduous task for many. Most of them give up after a couple of days. One might even land a message intimating the users about the steps one took on the previous day. You might be labelled downright lazy if you performed worse than yesterday or even with worse terms. One can raise the overall step count by participating in multiple challenges wherein you might have to complete a specific number of steps in a stipulated amount of time.

Challenging your Status Quo

If sarcastic words and challenges from the Cakewalk app are not effective enough to motivate you, you can get social and just get on from there. Connect to Twitter and try to gain the numero uno position compared to peers. If you need more motivation to get going with your exercise or running routine, with more blood pumping and feet moving, enable the app to publicly shame your effort on social media. I bet, this will have the desired effect, for sure.

Integration with other Gadgets

Cakewalk is an effective app for Apple Watch that tracks the steps taken for the day, so that you can supersede your goals on a daily basis. The app will also show you your effort through a handy graph about the number of steps taken to reach your goal. Cakewalk can also be connected to Apple Health and can be used for free on the iOS platform.

Why Cakewalk?

Cakewalk is a perfect motivator app for those who take criticism seriously and are perfectionists who just need some external motivation on a consistent basis to get going. This fitness tracking app shames the individual to get fit and up running. The app is compatible with iPhone 5s and later. Some of the salient features of the unique app include:

  • Daily messages every morning that will prompt you to take more steps than the steps you took the day before.
  • Shaming is a unique feature in the app that does not let the user get off easily. Also, it helps users to not get lambasted by the app on social media which will in turn tarnish your public reputation.
  • One can start challenges for boosting the step count or even focus on short challenges that are based on a specific step count and period.
  • Competing with Twitter friends is easy through the app as well as the shaming process can go publicly on the social platform.
  • Since the app is now compatible with Apple’s Health app, one can rely on their Apple Watch to notify on their progress and even the current step total.