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Bobby 2: A Great App for Digital Workers to Track Subscriptions

Bobby 2

Everyone in the digital and web world these days have numerous subscriptions for services and apps. From regular digital workers to rigorous web workers to non-frequent users of the web, subscriptions remain a constant concern for many of us. Besides the popular subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify, we also require subscriptions for many of our favourite mobile apps, Google Drive or iCloud Drive storage, magazine and news publications, etc.

Don’t you think you need a comprehensive tool to manage and track all these subscriptions through an easy to use interface? Knowing of this burgeoning need of managing these subscriptions Bobby 2 has just come up with a great tool to track expenses of subscriptions. Bobby as an app offers a comprehensive overview of all subscriptions as per due payment dates. Bobby as a point of reference can tell you where your money is being spent and it offers a streamlined process to track expenses.

How does Bobby works?

The app already has a big list of popular subscription services in built within the app. Either by browsing these listed options, you can find your subscription, or you can create a custom list with your own list of subscriptions. The built-in list of subscriptions is pretty long and exhaustive, and by using the Search option, you are likely to find the options you are looking for. Besides fixing your choice of subscriptions, you can save additional notes with each of your choices. The moment you have selected a subscription, all you need to do is to enter a date and price. In addition to that, you can change the default frequency from monthly to others. You can also set a reminder for each subscription you have opted for.

It is a feature rich app user experience

The subsequent and enhanced version of the app named Bobby 2 enhances the quintessential user experience of the core app with a gamut of features such as flexible payment cycles. There are several value additions on and above these features that make this app stand out as the expense tracker app. The app offers Touch ID and passcode protection helping you to make the whole subscription list private and confidential. There are few customisation options available as well. Customised app icon, an option to set a dark screen and a gamut of font options further heal you tweak with the look and feel of the app.

There are some paid features as well

Bobby is actually a multilingual app that can communicate in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. Beside adjusting all other parameters for each subscription expense, the UI of the app can also be tweaked to your taste and preference. But such customised adjustment of in-app features needs pain extension. The paid app allows you manage more than five transactions while with a free account you can manage only five of them. The paid app also allows you to secure your task management interface with Touch ID or passcode and the same app allows you saving backups in the iCloud.

For being able to use an exhaustive range of app features, you can just go for the comprehensive pack with the paid extension included, and it will cost around 2.29 EUR.  The unlimited number of subscriptions will cost 1.09 EUR while 1.09 EUR will be the cost for custom design options. For the Touch ID and iCloud, you need to pay 1.09 EUR additionally. While the basic paid version is pretty impressive if you can afford the additional paid options will add more flexibility and ease to your user experience. Even the free version which only allows tracking five transactions can be used as a simple tool by most users.

In closing

With so much to offer to track all your digital or publication subscriptions with a single window approach, it is undoubtedly one of the most unique app to this date. In fact with so many features and customisation options, you can consider it as the elegant solution to a simple issue. With Bobby on your app screen, you can think yourself relieved for tracking the schedule of payment for all your subscriptions.