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BitCam Camera App – The Retro Look is Back!

BitCam Camera App

If your childhood days on the internet involved dial-up modems, slow-loading pages, and low-resolution graphics, then you’ll get a kick out of a new app named as BitCam App as it lets you go through all the memories of olden times. This App helps you click some interesting photos as if you had a small pocket PC like the one you had back in the day.

About BitCam Camera App

The makers of popular Twitter client Twitterrific has launched the BitCam Camera App to celebrate its 20th anniversary of Iconfactory. This app itself is designed to look like it’s from the olden days and lets you snap retro-looking images with your iPhone camera. The idea was to create a camera application with the constraints of the past and simulate the experience of using older technology. You can get all apps redesigned to reawaken childhood memories of being an Apple fanboy in the pre-iPod dark ages.

This iOS app mimics the look of pictures taken with a webcam from the early days of computing. It turns your wonderful iPhone camera into a black-and-white camera that features quality so great you can see the pixels clearly. It is also embedded with a selfie mode and an in-app purchase upgrade that allows for a color photograph taken with 8 colors.

How does it work?

The working of the app is also quite easy as you just have to point the dithered bit camera at an object of your choice, and back in time you go, with three optional shooting modes of bit sizes. You can take photos using the same resolution and color palette as your favorite retro video game systems. You can also share your PowerUp photos on Facebook, Twitter and email instantly.

One will certainly enjoy the astonishingly accurate retro goodness offered by BitCam Camera App for iPhone.

Salient Features

  • This BitCam Camera App allows users to take black-and-white pictures of three-pixel resolutions: Super-Res, Standard and Fat Bits.
  • The controls are chunky — even on a super sharp Retina display.
  • It even has an 8-bit interface inspired by Apple’s early Mac OS operating system.
  • One can also take photos with rear and front-facing cameras and can turn on an “Instaphoto Size” filter to take square pictures.
  • The default pictures are in black and white mode but users have the facility to unlock color graphics via an in-app purchase of $1. 99.
  • This BitCam apps keep the importance of clarity and simplicity in a user interface.
  • The Company has made sure to throttle the speed to simulate the 16-bit processor in the mini pocket computer.
  • Most users are enjoying the “self-camera” features the most.
  • There’s a photos-editing extension that can convert photos already in your Camera Roll.

Price and Availability

Icon Factory has its own portfolio of apps for iOS and Mac, including iPulse, xScope and Flare 2. BitCam is free to download and try out, just like shareware. The difference now is that BitCam’s in-app purchase is 1/10th of what it charged in 1996. This app is a fun toy and definitely makes you feel a bit nostalgic for old days as well as grateful and thankful for how far we’ve come since and what journey it had been.

The motto of the company is to design today given the constraints of the past. It is a wonderful way and an enormous effort of the firm for its quite a few creative projects over the years. It won’t get commercial anytime soon, but it is a load of fun if you’re entertained by the world of retro Macintosh and old school computing.