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Alto Mail – The New Email Manager by AOL

Alto Mail

Let’s see today what Alto Mail, the new mobile app of email management has to offer. The app was created by AOL and can support mails from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and even iCloud. AOL Mail is something not many use but the support is extended to its own email engine. It is similar to Google’s Inbox app and the core has Alto Mail as an email app with lots of good characteristics.

Those engaging in constant replies and messages and from multiple email accounts find emails to be a bit challenging. Alto Email is that email app that allows users to take complete control of the email through efficiency and organization.

The Attributes of Alto Email

It is tough to organize mail if it is coming from different sources. Alto Mail is primarily an email organizer that tells its users to plan their emails in such a way that they can work on. It also brings in a descriptor for each of the emails as required. Aesthetically it has a material design that is easy on the eyes and the user interface is uncluttered and promising in more ways than one. Looks aside though, users of Alto Mail can aggregate all email accounts into one single application especially emails from AOL Mail, Yahoo!, Gmail, iCloud, and even Outlook emails. The AOL Alto App hence is a great replacement for the Gmail app that you might be using and one might not miss many features in any way.

  • Alto Inbox categorizes emails by filtering its type and into categories called “stacks”.
  • You can view emails based on types of content and add descriptors for the same. One can pick up emails that include photos, specific files, or emails with personal info.
  • Google Now’s card format is utilized for the layout since it is great enough for displaying important details including flight information and orders and the info will be visible without opening any of the emails to view the data.
  • The cards themselves reveal the info it carries, displayed on screen right from the dashboard.
  • The dashboard shows weather and date based on the filters and gives a point of reference to the readers.
  • Those who prefer Inbox would like to give a try with Alto email since it consists of varied innovative features that organizes emails in a trice. It acts in a similar manner as the Inbox too.

Alto Mail – The Email Manager you Need?

  • Alto Mail covers all email app basics with threaded conversation support, swipe-to-archive gesture recognition and a combined inbox.
  • It also features some nifty features like inbox scanning for flight and shipment details so to know their status on the Dashboard screen.
  • One can filter the inbox in multiple ways other than unread or starred messages. One can see photo attachments in an organized manner and even get a list of all file attachments systematically.
  • Overall, Alto Mail blends features from multiple popular email clients, and offers an alternate version to Inbox, in which Google transforms the inbox into a to-do list.
  • Those who prefer to keep to-do lists separate than emails then Alto Mail provides a fantastic unfiltered feed of emails that provides an uncluttered look.

Alto Mail needs to improve the search engine though and it looks like a small Android app with Material design. Alto Mail is currently in its first release and one can expect some consistent iterations from their side.