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24 Option App Review

24 option is a trading app that is used by different traders all over the world. This is mainly due to its ease of use owing to its client friendly interface. This encourages seamless trading without any hitches allowing investors to make the best of its facilities.

Moreover, it is very economical owing to its reasonable price. The platform comes with a number of trading patterns that helps it satisfy the needs of people with different budgets. Also, getting enlisted with 24 options is very easy as they have a very easy joining process for their clients.

This article gives you a thorough review of the 24 option CFD trading app with all the associated benefits. Read on to find out how it can be useful in meeting all your business needs.

A Regulated Broker

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is if your broker is regulated or not. This is because a fancy website and extensive features don’t guarantee any form of protection from fraudsters. However, rest assured that 24 options is one of the most elite groups of companies and has high credibility and integrity.

This is because it has CySec as its regulatory body. CySec is a regulatory body of trading agents and is based in Cyprus. It is applicable to the entire European Union and has a high reputation in the market. All these provisions make it mandatory for 24 options to be accountable for clients’ funds.

In fact, CySec was quick to give regulatory status to 24 options due to its impeccable credentials. This speaks volumes about the fact that 24 options will never intentionally hurt or exploit its customers. This makes it one of the most trustworthy trading platforms in use today.

Underlying Assets

There are around 120 underlying assets for use in 24 option. This makes it the trading platform having the highest number of underlying assets. These assets are also highly diversified with products ranging from goods, indices and foreign exchange.

They also include stocks from the most renowned companies with more than 60 different types of industries. They also have commodity options includingbullion, crude oil, and copper. You can even trade in generic items like coffee should you so decide.

The best part about 24 option is that you can trade in stock markets all over the world. From CAC in Paris to Hang Shang in China, the entire world is your arena with 24 option. It also gives you some of the best ways to trade with indices which makes it easy for you to pick and choose whatever you want.

Trading Platform

The trading platform plays a crucial role in attracting potential traders. This is because it is the place where all the trading activity takes place. A good trading platform makes it easy to avail all the benefits and facilities that help in trading seamlessly.

There are mainly two types of trading platforms, one of them is the customized one and the other one is the software template. The customized trading platform enables the trader to change the parameters from client to client. On the other hand, the software template makes use of available trading software like Spot Option that helps you trade well with all your customers using the same facilities.

The advantage of using customized platforms is that you can cater to the individual needs of every customer with relative ease. On the other hand, the advantage of using software templates is that they are inexpensive and carries lesser risks, as its uses are very well known.

Unique Features of 24 Option

  1. 24 option has used Tech Financials, an Israeli company for its third-party platform. This is a reputed company with an established name. Its platform has been verified and utilized by thousands of traders across the globe. It can also help in arousing the intuition of the trader with an eye-catching and user-friendly framework.

  2. 24 option has all the information available for making decisions for your trade deals. In spite of this, it is free of clutter. The prices of 24 option get updated in real time. 24 options liquidity provider gives it clients all the information to conduct trade with its facility of real-time prices.

  3. There is also a way of optimizing payouts with the help of 24 option. This is because of the broad spectrum of pricing options that are available with them. All this makes it possible to have 70 to 88 percent accuracy with regard to pay out levels. This makes it better than all other trading options even though there might be some element of risk that is associated with trading that may make you lose your capital.

  4. Tech Financials provides a large number of binary options that help the traders with their multifarious needs. This is true even though their platform may be mid-range. This highlights the level of competency that 24 option provides to its traders especially when compared to their competitors.

  5. 24 option also provides many analytical tools that portray a graphical representation of the data. This helps to get an all-around view of the market and helps the traders take a quick decision as and when the need arises.

Different Account Types

There are three types of accounts the platinum, gold and standard accounts. The platinum account holders get to use the most advanced features of the trading tool. They also get highly updated information about the financial market that holds them in good stead. In addition to this, they get a personalized training session that helps them improve their trading skills.

Gold account holders can trade using all options and they get a return of 2% for every available trade. Standard account holders also have the facility of making use of all available options and utilizing the expert customer service as well.


From the above, we can see that the 24 option trading app has revolutionized the way international trade is conducted and offers myriad benefits to traders from different parts of the world.