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1 Second Everyday App – Capture Memorable Moments Daily to Make a Life Movie

1 second everyday app

The advent of mobile phones has led to the massive proliferation of photos and videos, enabling people to capture their most favourite moments to be shared with family and friends or for later viewing. While you can shoot your child’s first crawl, and click a picture of yourself after a successful hike, wouldn’t it be great if you could stitch moments of your life together into a single, continuous chronological movie?

Record Your Memories with 1 Second Everyday

The 1 Second Everyday app is a video compilation app that functions as a minimalistic video diary enabling people to record and relive every single day of their life.

With the growing use of mobile phones by people in everyday lives, 1 Second Everyday ensures users don’t miss out on recording their precious moments by giving them the easy option to capture and save their life history. With the option of saving just one second of everyday, 1 Second Everyday app aims to hit the right balance by enabling users to record snippets of their daily life and compile them into a movie.

Enjoy a Variety of Cool Features

1 second everyday app

  • 1 Second Everyday accesses any videos currently in the user’s camera roll & sorts them by date.
  • Users can also record their moments directly from the app.
  • It offers friendly creative reminders that can be easily set up so that users do not forget a single day.
  • While users can shoot minute or hour-long videos, in the compilation stage, the app will ask the user to edit it into a 1 second snippet that is most memorable.
  • 1 Second Everyday also allows users to keep multiple timelines. Users can choose to have a timeline each for themselves, for their kids’ adventures, their outings with friends, their kitchen experiments, their pet mischiefs etc.
  • Another interesting feature is that the app offers users to turn your seconds into animated GIFs that can be instantly shared with family and friends or on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+ and Tumblr.
  • Users can also submit a second from their life and contribute to making a video consisting of hundreds of other users from different parts of the world.
  • The Super Seconds features provides users with additional 50% time when they need it.
  • Users can take a backup of all the recorded seconds in the Google Drive or Apple iCloud through the 1 Second Everyday app.
  • 1 Second Everyday gives users the freedom to compile a video of any desired length – users can choose to make videos from a desired month or year or they can also simply select a start and end date.
  • While 1 Second Everyday enables users to easily share their life videos with their loved ones, this feature is completely optional. The main purpose of the app is to allow users to remember their own lives, giving them the freedom to use the share feature can be used at discretion.

Available on iOS and Android

1 Second Everyday can be downloaded for free from the Apple store and is available on iOS devices and requires iOS 7 or later. For Android users, the app is available for devices using Android 4.1 and up.

Never Forget Another Day

1 Second Everyday app allows users to capture all their favourite moments from over the years and compile it into a single movie. Now quickly relive every single day of your life and treasure each moment forever. By the time you grow old, you will have a few hours’ worth of video that summarizes your entire life! So download the app today and live life to the fullest!