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What else to expect from Apple in 2015

What else to expect from Apple in 2015

As we discussed in our previous article on What to expect from Apple in 2015, we mentioned that 2014 was an eventful as well as fruitful year for the Cupertino based company and 2015 seems to be more than promising for Apple Inc. There are some good news for both Apple fans as well as Apple employees too as Apple just recorded the maximum sale in this quarter(breaking all the records of previous years) and Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that they would be start shipping the Apple Watch in April itself. Here we discuss what else do we expect Apple to lay their hands on this year.

Home button or Joystick?

Yes, if you are a pro gamer and do feel that touchscreen spoils your gaming experience well then this Home button cum Joystick button is specially designed keeping users like you into consideration. Apple recently got the patent for a home button that could be turned into a Joystick. If and when this new app comes to Apple, it will allows the users to press the home button and the joystick will spring out and you will  have to press it back to return it to the home button. How simple yet creative? All this time, the idea was there itself but Apple drew the idea of Joystick and we believe it can be possible.

iPad Pro with Stylus

If 5 years back someone told me that there is an iDevice which will come with a stylus, I would downright fight with him as I believe in Steve Jobs’s principles and ideas and one of them included that Apple devices will never be accompanied with a Stylus. The video is still viral on Youtube where you can see Steve arrogantly dismissing the Stylus. Recently, there were reports that Apple is planning to launch iPad Pro with a Stylus. This Stylus would be large and will be able to charge with a cable. The Stylus of course would be optional as it will increase the price of the iPad Pro. Let’s see what fortune does Stylus bring to Apple.

Eye Tracking and Visual Control Tech

In the recent times Apple Inc. has managed to bag a lot of patents and one of them is of a method to track eye movement and using the eye movement to control UI elements on macs and computers. Isn’t that some really cool from Apple? There is even a method designed such that when a user stares at an object for a longer duration, it will trick his eyes to believe that some objects are not present. It will make future Mac and iOS devices use their camera to track the user eye movement and then relate the movements to objects on the screen just like a cursor did.We are thinking way into the future when Apple would come up with eye controlled computers and Macs.

Free on iTunes’

Free on iTunes

Just after the removal of the free iTunes Single of the Week promotion, Apple has given way to a brand new section called the ‘Free on iTunes’ which gives Apple users a chance to download the latest songs and TV shows directly. The new section would include music from Purity Ring, Machine Head and Guster along with selected episodes of TV shows from Fox, MTV, SyFY, Animal Planet and more. Apple users recall a section similar to ‘Free on iTunes’ on the store with the same name and it stayed for many years.

With all these additions in 2015, Apple seems to break their record of 2014 quarter too and it means innovation in Technology, better products for users and more competitive market for the Technology products.