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macOS Mojave is Now Available for All its Users to Download

Last week, Apple officially released macOS Mojave 10.14 for its users. The new operating system, macOS Mojave, has features like Dynamic Desktop, Finder Improvements, Dark Mode etc. According to Apple, the new features are inspired by its most powerful users but are designed for anyone and everyone.

The features in the macOS Mojave focus on better organization, productivity, privacy, security, and aesthetics. So this update is focusing more on under the hood improvements of the system.

Two New Time-shifting Desktops

One of the major updates of macOS Mojave is the Dark Mode and the Dynamic Desktop. These are basically wallpapers that can be shifted and changed throughout a 24-hour period depending on the day and night cycle. The new app designs are easier on your eyes in dark environments. It provides a dramatic look for your Mac which presents your content in the front and center while the other controls go in the background.

Managing Files Neatly

Stacks is a new feature on the Mac that keeps your desktop clutter-free. It does this by automatically organizing files into different groups. The files can be arranged as images, spreadsheets, documents etc. The files can also be grouped according to the date. Stacks can prove to be even more powerful if you tag your files with project-specific metadata.

Finder Becomes a Doer

With the new macOS Mojave, the new Finder does more than what it used to do. You can now locate a file quickly based on how it looks. Also, you can view a file’s metadata. In addition to that, you can also perform quick actions to a file without even opening it. You will be able to rotate an image, create a PDF right in the Finder with the help of Quick Actions. The Quick Look function allows you to crop images, mark up and sign PDFs, and trim video and audio files. You can also directly share those files via Mails, Messages, or AirDrop.

Screenshot Utility

Taking a screenshot is just one click away now. The new screenshot utility allows you to capture stills and videos of your screen. The menu offers a screen-recording tool and option for starting a new timer. You can also choose where you want to save your screenshot. After taking a screenshot, a thumbnail of it will be shown on the corner of your screen. You can then directly drag it to a document or a file to add it or just leave it there. This new method is clutter-free.

Continuity Camera

Now you can use your iPhone to capture an image and then make it appear directly on your Mac. Choose Insert a photo from the File menu. You can send an image to the Pages document. Or scan an image and it will be available on Finder. Continuity Camera works with several apps like Mail, Messages, Notes, Finder, Keynote, and Numbers.


This is one of the highly anticipated and discussed the feature of the new iOS updates. You will now be able to make a FaceTime call with up to 32 people at once. You can invite anyone to join a call while it’s in progress. The call can include both video and audio callers. Any of the Apple devices can be used to get in touch.

New Apps on macOS Mojave

The Stocks app is a new addition to track the market. Clicking on a stock will bring out in-depth details and interactive charts. You will also be able to view prices in the customizable watchlist.

The Home app allows you to control your HomeKit-enabled accessories using your Mac. Turn on/ off the lights of your room or home will finishing your work. Or check the backyard or front yard while working on something. You can ask Siri to control it all.

Voice Memos will make it easier to record reminders, class lectures, interviews, songs etc. Thanks to iCloud, you will be able to access any voice memo that you record on your iPhone directly on your mac.

Update Now

These are some of the major apps and updates in the macOS Mojave. In addition to these, a new look and design have been given to the Mac App Store. There is also new content. The stuff on the App Store is all organized to match the things you love to do on your Mac. macOS Mojave can be downloaded from the App Store for free.