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macOS Mojave: Some of the Best Features of the World’s Most Advanced OS

macOS Mojave

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled the new iOS 12 and discussed its features at the WWDC 2018. Along with that, Apply also previewed macOS Mojave, the latest version of the world’s most advanced operating system. It comes with new features inspired by pros but is designed for everyone. You can stay more focused on your work using the Dark Mode and can also automatically organize the files using Stacks. You can also try four new built-in apps and can discover new ones in the redesigned App Store.

Dark mode

The Dark Mode is a dramatic new look on the Mac which helps you focus more on your work. The fine and precise colors and minute points of your content will take centre screen. The toolbars and the menus will recede into the background. You can turn it on by going to the System Preferences. It creates a beautiful, distraction-free working environment and is also easy on the eyes. Dark Mode will work with the built-in apps on your Mac, but the third-party apps can adopt it too.

Dynamic desktop

Now you can customize your work environment with a time-shifting desktop picture. This picture will change to match the time of the day wherever you are. The Dynamic Desktop gives you a shot of the Mojave desert throughout the day. Dynamic Desktop is supported by the Dark Mode concept, but it is more for show and not very useful.


The new Stacks feature will clean up a cluttered desktop by automatically organizing your files into related sets. Mojave will act as a cleaning service which will pick up your mess and organize it in tidy stacks. You can browse all the files in a stack by rubbing it with your cursor. You can click on the stack to expand and open what you need.


The Finder on the macOS Mojave can do even more now. It quickly locates a file by how it looks. It can also perform go-to actions on files without opening the app. It can also instantly see a file’s metadata. You can scroll through big previews of your file to usually identify, thank to the Gallery View. With Quick Actions, you can work on files right from the Finder. You can also work on multiple files at once. The Preview can display all the metadata of a file, or you can customize which metadata you want to see.

Taking a screenshot

With macOS Mojave, there is an easy-to-use menu. It includes new screen-recording tools and customizing where you’d like to save your screenshots. After a screenshot is taken, a thumbnail of it will animate to the corner of the screen.

Continuity camera

Now you can use your iPhone to capture an image or scan a document and it will automatically appear on your Mac. Choose Insert a Photo from the Edit menu. You can click a picture and instantly see it in your Pages. Continuity Camera works in Mail, Notes, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and other apps.

Four new apps

With the macOS Mojave, you can do FaceTime call with up to 32 people at once. You can invite anyone to an outgoing call and the same call can include both audio and video callers. There will be four new apps on the Mac which people love on iOS. You can follow your stocks, read the news, record a lecture or turn off the AC, without leaving your Mac.

A reimagined Mac App Store

The reimagined Mac App Store has a new look and has exciting content. macOS Mojave takes a step further in the already tight privacy and security feature. It comes with robust enhancements designed to keep control of your data. It will also keep trackers off your mail. macOS Mojave requires apps to get your approval before accessing the camera of the microphone on your Mac. macOS Mojave works harder than ever to ensure that your passwords are secure. The official release of the macOS Mojave is expected to be in the fall.