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iOS 12 Available For All Its Users: Best New Features

In June 2018, at its keynote event at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced its new operating system, iOS 12. The beta version for developers was made on 17th September. Yesterday, on 25th September, iOS 12 was finally made available for its users on all their iPhones and iPads. With iOS 12, Apple wants to be faster and more responsive than ever. For this, iOS 12 has been made to run on all devices that run iOS 11.

There have been several major improvements. We discussed some of those in our previous post. But today, we are going to discuss these new updates and features that are available on iOS12.

Let’s check out what these updates are.


Now iOS provides an app with the ability to work with Siri. iOS allows you to add shortcuts to the supported apps. You can now search for photos by time, location, people etc to find the relevant picture. Phrases can be translated into different languages. Siri will also help you check facts about celebrities. You can also ask questions about food and the nutrient and calorie content. You can also turn the flashlight on or off with the help of Siri.

Augmented Reality

There will be an addition of new AR apps, thanks to shared experiences in ARKit 2. Persistence will allow developers to save experiences and start right from where they left off. Features like object detection and image tracking allow developers to recognize real-world objects and also track images. You will be able to view AR objects with built-in apps through AR Quick Look, and also share them with friends.

Augmented Reality will be used to measure objects and spaces. You can draw a line across a surface to measure and tap on the label to see more information. It will also automatically measure objects with a rectangular shape.


iOS 12 has been launched with the objective of being faster and more responsive than ever. All the supported devices will see an improved performance. The camera launch has become 70 percent faster than usual. The keyboard also appears 50 percent faster and typing has become more responsive. Apps will launch twice as fast even when the device is under a heavy workload.

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Photos & Camera

The Search enhancements on iOS 12 will make it easier for you to find your photos with intelligent suggestions. You will be able to search for photos based on date, place, time, or event. The New For You tab will let you discover photos in your library. There is also improved camera import with a faster performance. There is also a large preview mode. There are Portrait mode improvements made. QR codes are also shown in the camera frame, making it easier to scan codes.

Screen Time

Screen Time feature provides information and tools to find the right balance of time spent using the apps on your phone. You will be able to see the time spent on apps, usage across different apps, notifications received on your phone, and how often you picked your phone. It helps you put limits on the amount of time you spend on the apps. It will help parents manage their child’s use of the apps on their iPhones and iPads.

Messages & Notifications

Messages have become more expressive with personalized characters, thanks to Memoji and Animoji. Animoji includes tiger, t-rex, koala etc. Animoji can be captured for 30 seconds now. Notifications belonging to the same app can be grouped to manage properly. You will be able to control notifications settings through the lock screen. There is a new Deliver Quietly option. It will send a notification to the notification center without disturbing you.

Apple Books & Music

Discovering and enjoying books and audiobooks have become more fun with the new design. Reading Now will take you back to your current read, and you can add new books to your Want To Read. The Book Store offers you with options and helps you find more books.

The Search will support lyrics so you can find a song using words from the lyrics. There is a new design for the artists’ page which is easier to use. The Friends Mix provides you with the songs your friends are listening to. The New Charts offers the best 100 songs from different countries.

Apple News & Podcast

The News app has been redesigned to find new channels and topics. You can also jump to your favorite publications and discover new publications with the Channels tab.

With the forward button, you will be able to skip 30 seconds or a whole chapter in your car or your headphones. Podcasts will support chapters for shows.

Other Improvements

Above mentioned are all the major updates in the apps and the features of Apple’s operating system. The major highlights of the iOS 12 updates are the Memoji, Animoji, Group FaceTime, Group Notifications and Screen Time. Group FaceTime isn’t available currently. This means we can expect an iOS 12.1 version very soon.

That’s a Wrap for New iOS 12 Features

To get more details about the features and how they work you can contact an iPhone App Development Company and gain insight on the new features.