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Apple TV : To Be Launched At The WWDC In June

apple tv

On the list of “Things that Apple can’t do” Apple Inc. is keen on checking off every other item on this list. MacBook, check. iPhones, check. SmartWatch, check. Payments, check. Now, the second most rumoured product of the year after of course the Apple Watch is the Apple TV. Yes, Apple is literally going to enter into the TV industry and I see a lot of worried faces on the world’s best technology giants who have been making flawless television sets for ages like Sony, LG or Panasonic. Is it worth buying an Apple TV? Well, let’s find out.

Apple TV

Imagine a TV inside a small box, yes Apple TV is a minute square box that plugs into your conventional TV and connects wirelessly to the world wide web and brings you instant access to the latest movies, TV series, iTunes music and much more. You just need to connect to the iTunes Store and pay the minimum rent for movies and TV shows. Or better, you can even subscribe to Netflix for around $10 per month and access the vast list of movies and shows that Netflix has on offer. Moreover, it also offers access to NowTV, Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr.

Features of AppleTV:

To avoid future confusion this is the latest improved version of the set top box like AppleTV that is currently available in the market. This version of the TV would be launched at WWDC in June. There will be major upgrades to the AppleTV and it has a lot to do with the support of Siri. Apple’s A8 chip is being used to up the internal storage.Apple TV will be able to control HomeKit-enabled home automation devices via voice. Previous rumours have confirmed that the Apple TV will serve as a home automation hub for HomeKit devices when they launch. It will not feature 4K video streaming.

This would be a web based service that will be about 25 channels for $30 to $40 per month. Apple is currently in talks with major content providers of the country like ABC, CBS, Fox, Disney and Discovery but nothing is officially out yet.

Should you buy the AppleTV?

By what we have witnessed with Apple, they have always changed base when it comes to the AppleTV and it is a topic of concern to their fans but nonetheless they have always supported Apple with whatever decision they come up with. For example, back in 2014 when Apple scaled back on the plan of Television service due to some major issues, Apple fans stuck by their most favourite company during those times.

In January 2014, Apple added a new category for the Apple TV with different categories for Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPods. So, it seems like finally Apple is taking their TV service seriously after watching other companies succeed. So, in a way Apple was testing waters before jumping in the water which is a smart move but now is the perfect time to launch the AppleTV. It is like now or never. So, we would definitely look forward to the launch of AppleTV and hope that it is worthy enough to secure a place in our homes.