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Apple OS X El Capitan – So Much Goes On With Every Click

OS X El Capitan

At Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote, the first glimpse of OS X 10.11 El Capitan was seen. The name, well, no matter what you think about it, it does feature some nice under-the-hood improvements and other new goodies. Although the OS X El Capitan is currently available to registered developers, a public beta will be opened by Apple for iOS 9 and the release of the OS X will be held very soon. Until then, we have jotted down a list of our favourites, so that you have a fairly good idea about what to expect when it is finally launched later this year.

But before we go any further, we’d just like to point out that the OS X El Capitan features radical performance improvements across the board. Apps will launch 1.4 times faster, apps switching will have twice the speed and so will the display of mail, and PDF launching can be done in 4 times the speed.

Improved Mission Control

With the space management game upped, the new version is much cleaner, every window gets its own thumbnail, and all app windows are organized in a single layer. In case you need more space, all you have to do is take an open window, drag it to the top of the screen and into a new desktop space. The app goes into a full screen mode and makes some room on the first desktop.


This feature adds an extra dimension of utility to full-screen view and it’s actually fun and pretty clever. On clicking and holding the green plus/maximize button, you’d be prompted to choose a side where you’d like the window to be placed. Then Mission Control will display on the spare side of the screen, allowing you to pick a currently open window, to use as the first window’s split-screen buddy. It’s really cool, and fast and efficient.

Smart Spotlight Search

With OS X El Capitan, Spotlight now has access to weather, sports, transit, stocks, web video as well as support for natural-language queries, making us wonder why it’s not a search engine itself. Also, if you type queries like PDFs from the past or ‘find emails from Frank’, you’ll actually get the result you’re expecting. So the thing is, Spotlight gets smarter, we get lazier and it should all work out just fine between us.

New Safari Tweaks

The new version of Safari, version 9, has some clever new features such as Pinned Sites which are like mega-bookmarks, or a simpler and a more visual version of the Favourites Bar. Just drag a tab into the left corner of the Safari title bar and it sticks permanently with a little distinguishing icon. This does have the markings of a cool feature.

Upgraded Functionality In Notes

With Notes being so popular, Apple has gone ahead and made a huge improvement of it in the OS X El Capitan. Now you can stick a whole bunch of PDFs, images and even videos into a note. Also, since it’s now an option in the share button, you can send as much data you want to Notes from any app which displays a share sheet.

Mail Gets More Efficient

Apple mail is getting a big update, with some changes more cosmetic in nature. Using the trackpad, you can swipe messages into the trash or mark them as unread. In OS X El Capitan, Mail does a great job of putting information in context. For instance, it provides the ‘add event’ link on messages which indicate an event and you have the option of having it set in your calendar. Likewise, the ‘add contact’ link enables you to quickly add people to your contact list. But the best thing about the Mail is that it helps you prioritize your Inbox by downloading messages and mailboxes you’re currently viewing.