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Google’s New Android Experiments – A New Showcase for Innovative Open Source Projects!

Android Experiments

Having recently become a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google is trying to focus back on its core businesses which includes Android, Google Search, and YouTube. Android Experiments is the latest initiative by the web giant, which is dedicated to encouraging projects built from the operating system, and meant for open source.

This is an extension of the Chrome Experiments that was launched in 2009. Other than software, one can deliver projects and demos which are meant to be open source, trying to invent new ways to interact with devices. The submissions will be reviewed by Google’s developer team. All projects would not be submitted but those which are submitted will find a coveted place in Google Play.

Android Experiments – the Freedom to Conceive and Express the New

About 20 projects are mentioned on the site for now, and include several innovative augmented reality apps including Landmarker, that mentions the name and information of the area on which your phone camera is pointing. There is an experimental drawing tool available too called Inkspace, which shows 3-D imagery of anything you draw on your screen in 2D.

  • Android offers all developers, ample freedom to experiment with their apps and Google plans to display the most interesting projects through the site.
  • Each listing comes with plenty of screenshots, videos, and a brief description of what the app does. You can get the links from the Play Store and even the source code.
  • Mind you, these are not just generic Android-based apps but the best ones, which are interesting in terms of how the concept is developed. 
Submissions are open to the public and one can submit their best apps and ideas through the link at the top-right side of the page.
  • The experiment is meant to include all apps based on Android 4.4 and higher and one can target specific devices too.
  • A lot of nifty stuff is expected to be displayed on the Android Experiments site as days go by.

The Initiative and the Experiment!

One of the salient features of the site include apps that are making the best use of Android’s capabilities and aesthetics. Inspiring developers to create their own by looking at these apps is what Google is trying to do. From camera experiments to fantastic Android Wear apps, the latest developer tools are used for the same including Android SDK and NDK, Android Wear, Cinder, Processing, Unity and many others.

  • All submissions will be reviewed based on Google’s requirements and recommendations.
  • The submission guidelines include the innovative use of unique features of Android, how users interact with devices, use of visual aesthetics, inspiring ideas for other developers, and surprising concepts never used before.
  • The panel has advised the developers to do away with visual distractions, keep the app simple, document the project and code efficiently, and to ask for few permissions as possible with the app.
  • The app also should not use unnecessary battery life or data without having warned the users about it.
  • Additionally, the panel of judges have asked all developers to be patient for the reviews since the process is expected to take several weeks owing to the huge inflow of projects expected to flow in.

Promotion via Twitter feed

Google will also promoting and highlighting projects that will be part of Android experiments on Twitter. The company has chosen to use the hashtag #AndroidExperiments for promoting all apps and projects that will be chose as part of their latest initiative and the apps that will be part of the Google Play Store under open source licensing measures.