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A Comparison Between Android and iOS for the Most Secure Platform in 2019

There was a time when cybercriminals majorly focused on laptop and desktop computers for attacking. Times have changed now. Now cybercriminals have started targeting smartphones and tablets. With that in mind, people often have the question of mobile operating system is more secure, Android or iOS?

More and more consumers are using their smartphones for banking, social media, and making online purchases. Cybercriminals have now started aiming their virus and malware attacks on Apple and Android devices. The iOS and Android operating systems have become tempting targets for accessing some of the most personal information of users.

Safety is the major concern of any user, be it for Android or iOS. iOS and Android app development companies need to develop apps that are hard to crack. But if you are to make a choice, what will you choose?

👉 The Level of Threat

Apple’s iOS operating system is considered to be the more secure of the two operating systems. The reason is because it is a closed system. Apple never releases its source code to app developers. The owners of iPhones and iPads are not allowed to modify the code on their phones themselves. This is why it is difficult for hackers to find vulnerabilities on iOS devices.

Android devices are the opposite. They rely on an open-source code. The owners of these devices can play around with their device’s operating systems. Too much playing around can create a weakness in the devices’ security. Android is a frequent target for hackers. It is a more attractive target because it is also the globally popular operating system. Android devices are more at risk.

👉 Software and Security Updates

You must always upgrade your mobile devices with the latest version of the Android OS. Android releases the updates quite regularly. These updates are designed in a way that they can help you protect your Android devices against any security threat. If you ignore these updates, you end up putting your device at risk.

Apple’s iOS updates are big events. They prompt the users to install them as soon as they are released. The owners of both Android and iOS devices can easily turn on automatic updates. So whenever an update is released, the device can automatically update to the latest versions.

👉 Staying Safe on Android and iOS

Android is attractive because it offers an operating system that is more open. So you need to be more cautious. But you also have to be cautious with iOS.

Be aware of all the apps that you download on your device. If you download a bogus app, you will end up infecting your device with a virus. The same can happen in iOS. If you download an app from a third-party source, it can easily infect virus in your device. You must download apps from reputable sources.

Only use Google Play store for downloading Android apps. There is literally no reason to download Android apps from any other place. The same advice applies for iOS. Apple App Store is the best store to go to.

👉 Android Operating System

  • Popularity: Android app development companies are constantly building new apps to run on the system. The problem occurs when hackers create apps that are designed specifically to infect your mobile devices. Google Play Store follows an app review process. The process is not strict enough, compared to Apple’s App Store. This way it becomes easier for bogus apps to sneak onto the Google Play Store. As a user you can go into your Android device and allow the installation of software from Unknown Sources. This allows you to install software on your Android device that is not from the Google Play Store.
  • Open source: The source code can be modified by Android owners. Users who are looking for flexibility to change the way their phone works find it appealing. This is what makes your device vulnerable to attacks.
  • Fragmented: The Android operating system runs on devices that are often manufactured by a lot of different companies, unlike iOS. The manufacturer of the device can use a custom ROM which comes with a software installed. It cannot be analyzed easily for any malicious intent.

👉 Apple’s iOS

  • More stringent controls: It is extremely difficult for developers to get their apps onto the App Store. The review process is really strict.
  • Less flexibility: The system is more secure since Apple controls the complete experience. But a lot of people jailbreak their Apple devices. Apple doesn’t provide support to such devices.
  • A less tempting target: Hackers don’t target the iOS operating system as often, compared to Android.


From the article above, it might be clear to you which operating system is a safer option for you. In case you are still not sure, you can get in touch with Android and iOS app development companies to help you understand this problem better.